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Mapletree farm is a joint effort by Ex Infosys Founder and CEO Shri Shibulal, Smt. Kumari Shibulal, Ex OnMobile Founder and CEO Shri Mouli Raman and Ex Founder of Hillview Organics, California and Organic Farming Teacher Shri Shankar Venkataraman who has 10 years experience in deep organic farming.

Mission: Bring authentic, transparent, dependable, organic food to Bangalore residents. Train, educate and employ young men and women who are from villages and from cities and interested in Farming. Build a State of the Art farm which combines Eastern and Western methods of deep organic farming practices using zero chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Train Bangalore residents and gardeners to do their hobby better and help their dream to do farming come true. To create social impact through visits to mapletree farms and give invited talks regarding organic farming.

Website : http://mpt.revu.in

To motivate children to take up farming as a career, we have the SEED initiative.

Mapletree Farm serves 200 plus Apartment and Villa communities in Bangalore. We have 3800 plus registered customers in our Website. Hundreds of customers have visited our farm and have been inspired by the work of Shankar and his team of 8 staff and 80 members in the farming team. Mapletree farm recently tripled its production capacity to 45 plus acres of farmable land and is growing more than 700 tons of deep organic food per year (that is more than 2 tons a day).

Call or email the founder & Lead Farmer (whatsApp preferred) : 91136 88239 shankarv.dsl@gmail.com — Please share anything including your experience as a customer or your vision to provide a better future for youth in India through means of education and farming.


Call our customer support to register and buy (whatsApp preferred): 97909 48235 — Vikram is our head of customer support and he will help you.

Email us with questions and request: shankarv.dsl@gmail.com , support@mapletreefarm.freshdesk.com

We deliver 6 days a week in different parts of Bangalore: We deliver 2 days per week to specific locations and you can receive 2 deliveries at your doorstep per week from us if you request us.

Visit the farms — 60 acres plus: https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/Mapletree+Farm/@12.589529,77.7048044,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x959f7a5ceada5ac9!8m2!3d12.6105005!4d77.7001351

Mapletree original farm is shown here — 2017 picture
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Mapletree farm new and additional farmlands shown here — 2017 picture


This is a grassroots effort to revive organic agriculture in India. By supporting us, you are contributing to a cause of training organic farmers and protecting organic farmland with your hard earned money. Our idea: If we help train a hundred strong and very skilled organic farmers with the right attitude, they will each train and influence several farmers in their lifetime. Our goal is to help train a hundred farmers and preserve a thousand acres of good farmland. As a nation we are losing farmers at a rapid rate. Many farmers are also destroying our lands through heavy use of chemicals. So we have a mission to train people from villages and cities to take up Organic farming as a career. It is estimated that a 1000 farmers leave their jobs daily and migrate to cities or towns in order to find better income that they are unable to get from farming. Cheap food prices leads to loss of farmers.

Here is the link to all our blogs about mapletree farm and more https://medium.com/@shankarvenkataraman

Register your name under correct community at http://mpt.revu.in Order on 5 days a week. Modify as many times. Save and Submit each time you modify your order. Your final order is saved no matter how many times you save or edit your order before 12 midnight on the day before the day of delivery. On the day of delivery, please watch for sale of low inventory items in your Mapletree WhatsApp group. Order these items by 10.30 AM via WhatsApp on the day of delivery. If you missed your online order deadline, you can still order on the day of delivery by whatsapp before 10:30 AM.

Your day of delivery is in this google sheet below.


Receive order confirmation. Receive products from Mapletree at your door. Receive final invoice just before delivery. Final invoice will show items not sent because of quality issues or rain damage or other weather damages. Pay online through our website after receiving our final invoice. Seventh day is quiet day before the next ordering cycle starts again. 52 orders are possible per year. We ask you to order consistently every week unless you have left your home for vacation. We also request to order 15 items minimum for free delivery but this is not a must. Delivery costs more than Rs 150 per crate. This is the cost of operating the grading packing and delivery work which includes people, vehicles, fuel, billing, crates, packing materials food for the team etc..

Instructions : Please join our WhatsApp group for your community when you register at our website. — Send private message to 9790948235 to join our WhatsApp group. Do not pay when you order. Pay after you receive delivery. One delivery per week. Please refer to your WhatsApp group for announcements on when is your delivery date. We will send you reminders to order on the last day for ordering which is one day before the day of delivery. Please use online payment options in fonepaisa portal linked to your mapletree personal account. All online payments are free for you and no hidden charges. Mapletree pays fonepaisa for this service. Please note that a positive balance in your Mapletree account means Mapletree owes you and negative balance in your account means you owe Mapletree. You can get refunds for items within 24 hours of delivery. No later. Please apply for refunds by writing a personal message to 9790948235 and attaching a picture of the item that was not up to your expectation. Please use it and still get full refund. Please do not send it back as we do not resell perishables. Your WhatsApp orders sent via WhatsApp messages are billed separately to your account. Please use chrome firefox and explorer browsers and avoid using safari browser. Sometimes safari browser hangs. For completed orders, always check if your order is there and confirmed by looking at “my orders” in your mapletree account. Please see all past transactions in “my transactions”. There are several tabs in your “order list” please order under all the tabs and then save order to ensure your order is in the system.

Dear customers: Please hear my kind request. Please always write help requests to 9790949235 which is helpdesk whatsapp number. This will ensure that your help request is taken care of by our customer support team. We do not have software capability to create help ticket for messages coming into our 150 whatsApp groups. So the questions of customers do not get answered on time for messages they write in whatsApp groups. So please write direct WhatsApp message to 9790948235 ALWAYS. Please help us to help you better. -Shankar Lead Farmer Mapletree Farm.

Tips for Storage : It costs a lot to transport food. So we deliver only once a week. Please use some storage and tips below. Day of delivery is day zero.

Air dry greens and remove all water put them in stainless steel box air tight in the fridge. Use all greens in 2 days. use white pumpkin and drumstick greens on the first day itself. Use carrots beans long beans cauliflower etc. by third day. Use brinjal cabbage beetroot knolkhol chow chow etc.. 4th 5th day. Use tomatoes and onions throughout the week and potatoes arbi yellow pumpkin on the last day before a fresh batch of greens an other vegetables arrive from mapletree. Wait for fruits to ripen in countertop before eating them. i am going to work on improving fruit ripening before shipping.

HELPDESK: We have a new help desk with new
software powering our ticketing system.
Please send ALL communications (orders refunds EVERYTHING)
only to 9790948235 (WhatsApp number of Shankar) OR write to
support@mapletreefarm.freshdesk.com if you prefer email.
Our software uses only this phone Number and email address.
If you use any other messaging method from the past, you risk no
response for your message due to crowding of WhatsApp messages.
Please avoid all messages to your maple tree WhatsApp groups
or to Karthikeyan.

WhatsApp groups are important for product announcements,
recipes, farm news, blog links, health tips and pages, food safety details
etc.. So, please do not quit WhatsApp groups.
Sawan K — Helpdesk
Karthikeyan — Helpdesk
Neeraj — Helpdesk
Karthik — Helpdesk
Kaliraj T — Helpdesk
Helpdesk is only open daily except sundays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Please expect a response within 48 hours. I will answer questions that are of more difficult nature about vegetables grown here and farm policy etc.

Team At Mapletree Farm:
Lead Farmer : Shankar Venkataraman
Personal Email :- shankarv.dsl@gmail.com
Management : Shankar Muthuswamy CVMuthuKumar Karthikeyan Neeraj Harish PounDurai and Ten team leaders.
Number of Employees: 75
Farm: 45 organic ACRES multiple locations
Production Capacity: Organic Vegetables & fruits, Organic cow fodder, Organic Milk, pulses and grains. Several hundred high quality tons a year. World class production facility with state of the art methods and training programs.
Mapletree product availability: 75 plus Fruits & Vegetables, 100 plus groceries from Navadarshanam organic groceries & Timbaktu organic groceries.
How To Order: Please register yourself at http://mpt.revu.in and leave community as anything if your community is not there OR/AND send WhatsApp message to 9790948235 with your full address and name.

VISION of Mapletree Farm:

A) A place for best practices for soil fertility, ecosystems and Agricultural craftsmanship. B) A place to find cutting edge technologies for agriculture and a place for social change in Agriculture. C) A place to find the most aspiring guardians and students of modern and traditional organic agricultural practices. In Short, we are building a temple for Agriculture. Primarily our goal is to be a center for excellence.

We are a true grassroots level movement who train young farmers in deep organic practices and good soil management. We are working with farmers in converting them to change to organic methods of farming. Our freshness and quality is unmatched and we deliver in under 15 hrs from harvest to your fridge. Feedback about us from other 115 plus apartments we serve in Bangalore is excellent. We can meet at your home to discuss the benefits of being our customer. Please schedule a meeting with Shankar, Our Lead farmer by calling him or sending whatsapp message at 9790948235 or writing to him at shankarv.dsl@gmail.com

SUPERIOR PRODUCT :- There is no comparable products from competitors for our vegetables because, We take special care of the soil that is hard to emulate unless the farmers are willing to invest in their soil. See an example below.

Our work with soil over many years has helped create methods to build soil with a special mix of 1) desi cow dung, 2) Indian earthworm special vermicompost with processed neem and other herbal leaves, 3)calcium mix, 4)mineral mix, 5)bentonite clay, 6)Honge cake, 7)neem cake, 8)groundnut cake, 9)sesame cake, 10)Beneficial bacteria and fungal culture mix. We add 270 KG or 500KG or more of the mix made with above ingredients to each 250 square feet bed in the farm every 3 months. This mix has live Indian earthworm eggs as well. This mix converts the soil in to black gold over time. After a few seasons the nutrition density of this soil is so good, it shows in the crop. The crop speaks about the soil below. Since we do not plough the beds, the soil improves to great health that has to reflect as customer health. Our investment in our soil health alone has crossed 50 lakhs this year. We invest like this because we believe in the inevitable connection between the customer and the soil.

Here is the farmer’s pledge I have taken every year for many years now.


  • Build and maintain healthy soils by applying farming practices that include rotating crops annually, using compost, cover crops, green manures, and reducing tillage; • serve the health of soil, people and nature by rejecting the use of synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers;• reject the use of GMOs, chemically treated seeds, synthetic toxic materials, irradiation, and sewage sludge in our farming, and all synthetic substances in post-harvest handling; • treat livestock humanely by providing pasture for ruminants, access to outdoors and fresh air for all livestock, banning cruel alterations, and using no hormones, GMOs or antibiotics in feed; • support agricultural markets and infrastructures that enable small farms to thrive; • conserve natural resources including the atmosphere and climate, by reducing erosion and pollution of air, soil and water through responsible farming practices; • maximize the nutritional value of food and feed by practicing careful post-harvest handling; • practice minimal processing for all food products to preserve the natural nutritional value of food: NO use of irradiation, ultra-pasteurization, excessive heat, synthetic preservatives, or GMO processing agents or additives and include all ingredients on labels; • ensure food safety by using potable water for washing crops; • reduce the ecological footprint of farms and homes by limiting energy use and converting to renewable sources of energy; • reduce food miles by selling produce locally and regionally; • create beneficial habitat for wildlife and encourage biodiversity; • help preserve farmland; • share and develop farming skills and know-how; • use ethical business practices; • pay a living wage to all farm workers and acknowledge their freedom of association and their right to collective bargaining; • treat family members and farm workers with respect, and ensure their safety on the farm; • work in cooperation with other farmers and with the neighboring community to create a more sustainable way of life; • encourage the distribution of unsold but edible food to people who need it;
  • sustain the land in healthy condition for future generations.

-Shankar, Founder and Lead Farmer at MPT.

Grassroots Work:- We train 60 plus young farmers at our farm in deep organic practices of soil management. We are working with farmers in converting them to change to organic methods of farming. Our freshness and quality is unmatched and we deliver in under 15 hrs from harvest to your fridge. Feedback from other 100 plus apartments we serve in Bangalore is in the blog link above. We can meet at your home to discuss the following critical topics that will decide your longterm health.

Pictures of Mapletree farm can be found in the following links


We feel safe in our homes. But is our food Safe to eat?. Is the source of our food secure. As a person who practiced gardening and farming since 2005, I feel, I have some answers to these questions and many more related to illnesses that come to us due to food. Good food is Good health. But why is food traded in a supply-demand market? Are we trading our health by trading our food? Who are our farmers? Do you know any of them? Do you know about their life and if they are actually interested in continuing in their profession? Are they farming using correct methods that are good for soil, your health and the environment? Are you eating poisons? If they all stop farming, will you or can you grow your own food? Is there a way? What is the food that you give to your kids doing to them? Are you a casual eater or a careful conscious eater? Come to the meeting with these questions and more.

Mapletree farm was created to address the following issues :

  1. why do farmers suffer and have no support or education and training and use chemicals that destroy environment and soil.?

2. why do customers get supplied with poor quality cheap food that will make them future customers for medical industry. ?

3. Why is it hard for people to enter in to farming and living in nature and why should that cost them money. ?

4. Why are cows and other animals exploited instead of nurtured and worshipped. ?

5. Is there a way back to nature that is strictly non commercial ?

Following topics will be additionally covered in meetings conducted by Shankar Venkataraman, Lead farmer and founder at Mapletree farm.

• Organic Food. What is it ?

• Soil Abuse all over the world.

• No-Tillage or Minimum Tillage Agriculture vs Excessive Tillage

• Soil Fertility, Nutrition Density and Human Health

• Food that nourishes you comes from Fertile Soil.

• Food that makes you sick comes from abused and depleted soil.

• Mass production versus Production by Masses — What does work?

• Organic food Industry in Bangalore.

• Face of the farmer : Why is it important ?

• Food Karma — Fair trade

  • Food value, Transparency, Authenticity
  • International Food trade versus serving local communities.
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Shankar at Mapletree farm 2016, with pet goat abandoned by her mother
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Shankar At Hillview organics farm he founded in California in 2008
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shankar at Hillview Organics Vacaville California 2014

Blogs about the farm :

Please read blogs I write in medium.com at https://medium.com/@shankarvenkataraman

Invited Speaker Biography :

Introduction :-

My background is Physics, Electronics, Micro-electronics, Soil Biology, Soil Chemistry, Plant Botany, Farm Mechanics, Ecosystem services. Ecosystem development, Organic Farm management, Food and Nutrition. Studied at BITS Pilani. Masters in Physics, Bachelors in Electronics and Microelectronics.

I was a Chip and Systems Design Engineer in Silicon Valley California and became a gardener in California in 2005 and a deep organic farmer in California in 2008. Our farm in Vacaville, CA, United States is




I farmed here for 8 years. Now its a flower meadow we enjoy

Our farm in India is Mapletree Farm, Devaganapalli near Hosur.


I am farming in India now since 2016 January. My Gurus in Farming, Farming Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy and Bio-intensive Gardening and spiritual philosophy are below.

Farming methods — Eliot Coleman. Some of the methods i use were learnt from him. http://www.fourseasonfarm.com/about/eliot.html

Farming Philosophy and Methods — Masanobu Fukuoka. I never met him, but I was deeply influenced by his philosophy. One Straw revolution is the greatest book i read in spirituality. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masanobu_Fukuoka

Bio-intensive farming practices — John Jeavons. I trained under him at Willits, California. He is my first Gardening Guru. http://www.johnjeavons.info

Environmental Philosophy — Paul Hawken. Guru who shaped my thoughts and encouraged me constantly to remain a farmer when i went through difficult times.



Spiritual Philosophy: Was shaped by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, Ramana Maharishi and J Krishnamurti.

Shankar — Organic Farmer’s Pledge :

Kiran, Customer at St Johns woods Koramangala : Shankar, can you inform us here- how your farm is termed organic- for eg: no use of pesticides/ chemical fertilizers also non- usage of hybrid seeds. How do you ensure the vegetables do not get the common insects that are present usually? This assurance will go a long way in us recommending your farm produce to our friends and family outside St. John’s wood.

Dear Kiran : I will try to answer here. First of all its good to know your farmer. He needs to have hardcore principles to care about the environment and the soil and the community he feeds. He should have taken a pledge to never use chemicals that harm all life. 70 years ago everything that was grown was organic. Its Industry greed and political influence that has made using chemicals a habit for many farmers. There are several natural substances that repel pests that can be used. A few large companies also manufacture organic pesticides that kill and repel easy pests like aphids and small worms but cannot kill larger pests. This is good enough for use by an organic farmer. Also the organic farmer makes the soil very strong by constantly introducing several good microbial cultures thereby making plants very healthy and resistant to disease and pests. Despite all this the organic farmer loses a portion of his harvests to pest attacks. Despite this he needs to be strong in principles. This also why organic products are more expensive. Chemicals used in agriculture are very extractive and destroy the soil of all life. From the third year, the signs of destruction and chemical dependance to maintain yields will start showing up. At the same time the organic farmed soil will improve in yields as years go by. An organic farmer should love his soil. Soil is his product. Fruits and vegetables and grains are incidental byproducts. He is the steward of soil and land and his principles tower above sales and profit. Unfortunately many farmers have surrendered to short term gain because of ignorance and they resort to leasing land and destroying another person’s land and moving on to new lands. This type of nomadic farming will lead to desertification of our lands. Without good farmers a Nation is destroyed in due course of time. Human Diseases cannot be destroyed at the source without good farmers working hard for the health of their communities. Good farmers also care deeply about the children in their community. Due to their small size and weight, they get impacted the maximum. In general, farming is not a very profitable profession. There is great satisfaction in doing it and that is why good farmers continue to farm using environmentally sound methods. If you need more details of our work, please kindly visit the farm. I am proud to say that Mapletree farm is the only farm near Bangalore that is doing several crores of investments every year to improve methods and the soil to grow 70 plus varieties for customers. We grow your food and know your food and this is very different from just selling it. We also do the very prestigious work of ensuring that our customers eat safe and clean food. We are proud of our authenticity and Transparency.

Sample of Customer Feedback about Mapletree Farm is below. We serve 135 plus apartments and villas in Bangalore and 2500 plus customers have approached us to deliver health to their families. We do not do any advertising but its my understanding that the quality and freshness of our product helped us reach all these customers. We are working hard to improve in quality control, reliability, timely delivery. Since we are a small farm, we have our limitations as well. We hope to give the best experience for customers and hope to have customers and farmers support each other as one community.

Visited Mapletree farms today with family and must appreciate the marvellous infrastructure put up by Shankar and team. We are indeed lucky that due to their efforts we are able to eat Healthy and nutritious vegetables,fruits and grains without the fear of harmful pesticides . Could see the determination and sweat put in by the entire team of farmers in the farms in their efforts to create such healthy food. Shankar and Karthik played perfect hosts with their hospitality. Life is definitely very difficult on the farmlands — Mahesh Muthane and Snehal — Adarsh Rhythm

Order received. veggies appear very fresh. Now must taste and see if body has any withdrawal symptoms to chemicals.
-Srinidhi from Total Environment

The produce looks terrific Shankar. Priya from Total Environment.

MS Rangaraj Total Environment TMFT: Vegetables look so fresh and full of life

cauliflower so good!! i had stopped them for many years!! — Krishna Kumari from Total Environment.

Shankar : Good to see that you have started sending order acknowledgements. Thank you for acting on feedback so quickly. — Srinidhi — Total Environment

Received the vegetables, love the freshness and love the fact that it is guaranteed organic.
Thank you Shankar. Thank you Sudha for introducing us and also for distributing the vegetables in the morning…. — Sonal — CR Layout JP Nagar.

All thanks to Shankar! We just loved the look, and freshness of the vegetables.
Pudhina chutney this morning came out wonderful — very fragrant! — Sudha — CR Layout JP Nagar.

Sirisha From Classic Orchards
Hi shankar….just got the delivery….beautiful veggies….Awesome job
The guys are doing a very fast and awesome job…..I am sure all will get veggies soon

Nithya Rajesh — Embassy Tranquil
Agreed…a big thanks to Shankar for giving us such healthy produce…Ashish, Manju for arranging this whole thing amidst ur busy schedule….hats off

Manju Embassy Tranquil
Cauliflower and guavas look amazingly fresh.

Shaina Embassy Tranquil
The green garlic looks amazing! Thanks Shankar! Awesome produce

Nandini Embassy Tranquil
Yes thanks to shankar and his hard working team

Ashish Patel : Embassy Tranquil
Shankar, delivery done. Veggies look awesome! Muthu will come back and pick up crates in a bit. All, please leave them out.

Ordered for the first time. The bountiful basket that came was a pleasure to unload.
Thanks Jasjit Sobha Jasmine

You guys have done an exemplary job of delivery!!
Please Thank each and every one on our behalf!!
Sincere appreciations Shankar. I am very humbled.
Every veggie variety is so fresh, I can only only wish good things to you and your friends at the farm Niranjana Sobha Jasmine

v.v impressive resume and amazing body of knowledge!!
Sujatha Raju — Classic Orchards.

Got the veggies Shankar.. They are very very good. Thank you. Sorry I could not attend the morning talk..
Vandana Hegde — Classic Orchards.

On behalf of our Classic orchards community, we would like to thank Shankar for taking time off from his busy schedule and have an unbiased and honest talk. For a community who believes in sustainability and least ecological disturbance, it was a very
interesting and eyeopening session. — Sujatha Raju — Classic orchards

It was a very interesting session and eye-opener to many facts about food we consume everyday. Krupa Classic Orchards.

I am so sorry for missing it…hoping there would be more eye opening sessions from your side regularly. — Sirisha Classic Orchards.

Shanker, I appreciate that you bring us vegetables with good karma No wonder I feel so happy looking at the vegetables only . Thank you so much. — Sripriya Embassy Tranquil.

Beautiful vegetables. The palak is perfect for salad.
I almost couldn’t believe these vegetables are organic, but a healthy worm on the cauliflower confirmed it.
- Baliga Gautham, Embassy Tranquil

Shankar, Do share pictures of team so we know face of our farmers. — Ashish Patel. Embassy Tranquil

Shankar, appreciate the toil that goes to grow and nurture. Really touched looking at shankarammas hands. — Radhika Prabhu Embassy Tranquil.

Shankar, used the beetroots today. Simply out of the world!! Thanks 😀 — Kavya Venkataramani — Sobha jasmine

Hello Shankar, the broccoli from your farm was amazing! So fresh and tender. Thank you for bringing this wonder food to us. 🙏 — Vidya Adarsh Palm Retreat

The cabbage also was very fresh. First time having cabbage directly from farm and can definitely make out the difference from store bought. Thanks — Vasanthi Ravi — Adarsh Palm Retreat

[11:30 AM, 5/22/2017] subashree vaswani villa: Shankar: Thank you so much for your hospitality and the time you spent with us. We all came back very impressed with your dedication to a cause that has widespread impact, both on the farmers and the consumers. It was great to see my husband and kids describe your philosophy and the knowledge you shared with family and friends with great passion yesterday. You have some ambassadors in action! Please thank everyone at the farm also for welcoming us and making us feel at home. The kids took great liberties with you. So thank you for your patience with that!

Our weekend visit to Maple Tree Farms.


we visited the Maple Tree Farms over the past weekend . First off, once again a big heartfelt thanks to Shankar and his wonderful farmers for the hospitality. We felt very welcome and well taken care of. Since the farm chef was on vacation, shankar went the extra mile to bring in the wife of one of the employees from bangalore to help us!! As a result, Abhinav couldn’t have enough of their wonderful sambhar!!

We went on Friday night and stayed in a nearby ashram. We were up and early at the farm by 7 am and explored it to heart’s content. The kids even had a hand at milking the cows and realized it was tough work 😉

We toured the farm by ourselves, had fun challenging the kids identify the plants , were awe stuck by the rows and rows of saplings neatly planted in the greenhouse, and saw for ourselves the mounds of manure and alluvial soil that Shankar lovingly feeds the land. True to what he described the place is alive with lots of insects and birds!!

We also saw the challenges of a farmer first hand! The rains mean good news, and bad news from the weeds. It’s a lot of hard work to feed us all. Shankar had no boundaries… we could visit any part of the farm, talk to anyone and also witness the harvest, cleaning and packing. It’s a well run farm and of course waiting for lot more to happen!!

My family learnt a lot , including some direct lessons on no-till agriculture from Shankar himself.

We will definitely go back and next time Shankar has promised the kids that he will let them get their hands dirty working on the farm. Yes @shankar?

Once again highly recommend and thanks 🙏 Shankar!!

— Subashree, Vaswani Whispering Palms, Bangalore.

I am bit late in sending this message..We had visited the farm last weekend.. It was really wonderful to know about the working and how the farm actually should be. We could see the efforts taken by all the people associated with the farm just to make sure that farm produce has the required nutrition.. And I must say hatsoff to your dedication and hardwork Shankar, it’s really not easy to do whatever you are doing.. Thanks a lot Shankar for taking the pains of explaining many things to us and hosting us with good breakfast and lunch🙂 we would definitely visit mapletree farm often and I would recommend all of you to get involved in the farm as well.. — Swaroopa, Sobha Daisy apartments, Bangalore.

Thanks Shankar. Appreciate your consideration towards consumers. — Subu Adarsh Rhythm, Bangalore.

Great thoughts Shankar… Much needed in today’s highly commercialised and highly polluted farming practices… Hats off to you and your team. — Sudha Balachandran CR Layout Bangalore.

Sudha Customer CR LAYOUT: Roasted and tasted the cashews we got from Maple tree farms. Sweetish and delicious.

[7:16 PM, 5/1/2017] PRIYA RAJU CR LAYOUT : Thank you Shankar for the knowledgeable session, it was a like an educational field trip to whole family…had a great time.
[7:42 PM, 5/1/2017] Suchitra CR LAYOUT : Dear Shankar thanks a lot for giving us so much of helpful information to improve our lives and that of our loved ones. To educate us to think bigger and better wherever we are.

[1:50 PM, 5/1/2017] Sudha Balachandran CR LAYOUT: Shankar — thank you for a great day at the farm — your passion and commitment is commendable. Thanks to you and your team, we are able to enjoy nutrient- rich, pesticide- free produce!
[2:51 PM, 5/1/2017] Krishna CR LAYOUT: Shankar, once again, thanks for a very refreshing morning and knowledgeable session today. Lot of respect and awareness develops with such sessions. Thanks also to your team for the wonderful and sumptuous breakfast; however, we forgot to pay for it amidst all the excitement. Can we handover to the delivery team this evening?
[2:54 PM, 5/1/2017] sonal cr layout CR LAYOUT: Thanks Shankar for the enriching morning session. Thanks to you and your team for all the great work that you do. Looking forward to visiting the farm soon…..
[3:17 PM, 5/1/2017] Malathy CR Layout: Thanks a lot shankar for a great day n the information about healthy farming thanks to your team also for a healthy n tasty breakfast.

The relationship between sun, soil and plants explained so well and in simple terms. Thanks so much for this knowledge share. — Bhuvana Lan, Rainbow Drive.
[10:33 AM, 5/26/2017] Bharathi mani: Thanks Shankar. Yes the veggies looked really nice yesterday
[11:02 AM, 5/26/2017] Suganthi Sobha Jasmine: Shankar,Methi,all greens and cauliflower was awesome. Thanks a lot to your whole team!
[11:04 AM, 5/26/2017] Sumathy P Sobha Jasmine: Your greens are always great looking.😊
[11:08 AM, 5/26/2017] shankar : Thanks Bharathi, Suganthi and Sumathy. Our farm ladies hands are gentle when harvesting and bunching greens. They make sure there are no yellow leaves, rotten leaves, weeds in the bunch.
[11:08 AM, 5/26/2017] Prema Sobha Jasmine: Greens r great.

Next sunday will work for me, ur previous session was an eye opener to me😀 wont want to miss this one — Geetha Adarsh Palm Retreat

Thank you for the lovely veggies Shankar:))🙏🏻 — Poonam Adarsh Palm Retreat

Shankar and team thank you so much for your hard work and commitment. It just started pouring when they started delivering but they just continued their work with same sprit.. Kudos to you all.. — Preethi Adarsh Palm Retreat

Thank you Shankar for the awesome produce🙏 enjoyed the Chard! — Geetha Adarsh Palm Retreat

I must say last time’s broccoli was too good…tender, v.fresh n little sweetish in taste…thank you for the quality u maintained 🙏🙏🙏 — Nithya Rajesh Embassy tranquil

Let me add that our 15 month old really enjoys her broccoli! Phew! :) — Vaish Embassy Tranquil

Hi Shankar, firstly thank you so much for showing the real vegetables to us. As my friend Divya said , leafy vegetables are too awesome , no proper word to express, after a long time seeing such a beautiful leafy vegetables, thanks once again. — Mani Rainbow drive , Meenal Rainbow drive.

Mani and Meenal : Thank you for the kind words. Its very encouraging to now stand in hot sun for many hours because we have people who appreciate our work. Thank you from all of our teams. When we grow our products, we are able to control the quality much better and the results are outstanding. — Shankar Mapletree farm.

I feel a lot of gratitude towards the whole universe, towards Mapletree, towards our Permaculture project (and individuals contributing), towards you, …… for these very nutritious food items that we receive. Makes me a happier person. Thank you! — Reshma Trans Indus

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