Rust programming 101 — Part 1

Rust is a system programming language developed at Mozilla Research. It was started as a research project at mozilla, wanting language that can used easily to manage memory and be optimum in terms of performance.

Languages like C and C++ are the best languages known in terms of performance but it lacks the ability of memory management. The developer is responsible to write the code to free the variables that are no longer needed.

Most modern languages like Java, Python have a garbage collector(GC) to deal with this situation. But fallout of have GC is directly impacted at performance of the language at runtime.

Rust main focus is on safety, speed, and concurrency without having garbage collection. Rust language is design to be memory safe at compile-time, without relying on garbage collection based on the concept of ownership, references and borrowings. These concepts are broad and very important topics in rust and will be covered later.