A blog post dictated to Google Docs!

I just saw a video by the author of ‘Show your work’.

He talked about most of the things which have been doing lately, for example I read blogs, and listen to many online conferences at cetera. What I realised — I actually lost opportunities to connect with those people. I could have sent in an email thanking them for sharing. I could have created a good network of people whom I respect and love their work.

So here is what I am doing nowadays, instead of typing my blog post I’m giving a blog post dictation to Google Docs. You may ask; why I am not typing my blog post? actually I am a storyteller and I really find it difficult to type at the speed of my thoughts. My fingers don’t move that fast to capture my thoughts, some words may fall through my fingers and keyboard. So I’m trying this new dictation thing on Google docs, seems to be working fine till now.

Interesting part is it’s forcing me to go slow; talk with small pauses and patience, that’s what my mentor has been trying to teach me during and after our client calls and demos.

I also shared this idea with our sales manager Mr Rajat Lal, wow! that’s Mr Google at its best it knows how to write Rajat Lal interesting!! Oh yes! this blog post is dictated using Google docs, why don’t you give a shot at it.

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