- Leadership and Parenting
- Leader will genuinely cares about you and respect you

Take your interest, purpose, and values and do a reality check. It will help you decide where you should focus to build your career.

A little bit of obsession, gets a hell of a lot of work done.

In many discussions and meetings you must have come across a situation, were you have to convey people that they are wrong. It might be possible that you have learned to not confront with people and instead just say what you have to say. Ultimately let the conversation and group of people decide what is right and who is right. It’s waste of energy and time.

The challenge is how to make someone truly understand how and why he is wrong from which angle/side/point-of-view.

Today I found that it’s a 350 years old trick, which is now supported by psychologists. Interestingly I have been working on the same principles with my team, I’m sure many of you who worked with me will recall few conversations on similar lines. …

I just saw a video by the author of ‘Show your work’.

He talked about most of the things which have been doing lately, for example I read blogs, and listen to many online conferences at cetera. What I realised — I actually lost opportunities to connect with those people. I could have sent in an email thanking them for sharing. I could have created a good network of people whom I respect and love their work.

So here is what I am doing nowadays, instead of typing my blog post I’m giving a blog post dictation to Google Docs. You may ask; why I am not typing my blog post? actually I am a storyteller and I really find it difficult to type at the speed of my thoughts. My fingers don’t move that fast to capture my thoughts, some words may fall through my fingers and keyboard. …


Lalit Shandilya

Web Developer, Product Manager, Open Source, Startup bootstrapper, Social Media, Ruby on Rails

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