Leap to be human

One evening, in the company of friends, with hot mangalore bajji on my plate and aroma of a fine tea inviting my nose, the following question came to the table “Why do certain life situations does not happen for some deserving people?”. Someone said, that could be because of their karma. Munching the bajji, as if it had an answer, occurred to me, for something to happen in this physical experience, people should work to create the necessary situations so that an expectation has a possibility to grow in reality, like the quality in the bajji and the tea did not come by accident.

Holding the line of thought, karma can not be ignored. In my opinion it only plays an indirect role. A person’s consciousness and perceptive capability are based their karma. His actions are based on his perceptions and through them he creates certain situations, whose results he ends up consuming. Guru was raising the following question, “How does our consciousness or perceptive capability depend on karma?”, for which I did not have an easy or a direct answer. Then we were dwelling on the topic of karma. Astavakra gita came to my mind and I shared my understanding to the discussion.

Astavakra says, if you have the urge to push or kill something, then even without performing the action, you are bound by the very object. Some would say this is the very proof for a person being bound by karma. The words “push” and “kill” might look out of place, but you could take “push” as in you want to change something in your life experience or get away from something and the word “kill” could be taken as some chapter you would want to completely remove from your life. The reason one should give up on the intent to push or kill is, everything that comes in our perception are a result of we breathing life into them by sharing our consciousness. So, the object do not really exist at the same time we can not discount them as non-existent since we could observe them. They actually belong to false existence, they come to life from us and they end up dissolving within us. So Astavakra says give up on the intent to push or kill. Another way to look at this is, when we intend to push or kill something, we give more importance to the object and we lose focus of ourselves, in turn we end up hurting ourselves.

After dwelling on the above concepts, guru was saying this looks similar to move-on attitude. Instead of removing something from your life to be free from it, just stop paying attention to the object and you would eventually be free. The conversation was moving in the direction like so we should stop perceiving to avoid any hurt coming our way and eventually we reach a state of not living.

In my opinion, everyone should take active part in shaping their lives, that can not happen by shutting ourselves to certain things. Instead we should take our current perception and consciousness, which is selective, limited, logical, judgemental, mechanical, etc.. and remove all the limiters so it could just glow and be aware of everything, irrespective of the context and at the same time let us not be defined by the objects which come out of perception. To put it in another way, we are beings of pure consciousness so the purpose is not to manage what comes into our awareness, but let everything there is to be aware of and not be defined by what has been accumulated. So, if our nature is to grow, we should just grow wherever we are put up. Whatever we could use from our context, be aware of them and grow with it, what comes out is nature, not need to judge ourselves.

This is me, taking the leap to be human and dissolving into nature.