High Tempo Testing

Learning more by learning faster is also the goal of the high tempo growth hacking process. The company that grow the faster are the ones that learn fastest. The more experiments you run the more you learn about your product.In this topic will discuss about how to run the rapid fire experiments that will produce good growth to your company.

The volume of tempo testing that growth team can vary depending on the size of the company. While larger companies will test around 30 experiments a week, some start up companies can test around 2 to 3 experiments per week and steadily increase the volume of test.

Growth hacking cycle:

The growth hacking cycle has four simple and powerful tools they are

  • Analyze
  • Ideate
  • prioritize
  • Test


The growth team work with his/her data analyst to search the available data to identify the group of people using regularly and who never used the app after downloading it. To identity this , a set of questions to guide their analysis as follows,

  1. What are my best customer Behaviors?
  2. What are the characteristics of my best customers?
  3. What cause user to abandon the app?


Ideas are the most important thing in growth. The best way to have good idea is to have a lots of ideas. The idea should be submitted to Growth lead. It is important to standardize the idea in a format tobe quickly evaluated. The idea should e submit in the following format.

  1. Idea Name
  2. Idea description
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Metrics to be measured


Before the idea is ready, the team should be scored for the idea. Ideas are scored by the system called ICE score system. The ICE stands for Impact, Confidence and Ease

  1. Impact-The only ideas that are very high impact are worthy of being submitted.
  2. Confidence-How strongly the idea generator believes the idea will produce the expected impact.
  3. Ease-It is the time needed to run the experiments with ease.


The Experiments for the next week testing cycle has been chosen what to come up in next queue as in spreadsheet. In testing of the product the cross functional team coming in. When the experiments is ready to go the growth lead will give notification to the products.Before testing the idea which is done against the product, they are

  1. Testing rules of the road-The selection of the idea and the way of idea tested is very important.
  2. 99 percent statistical confidence level-You should do the test with 99% confidence to reduce the risk of mistake.


The growth meeting is to focus on the set of nominated ideas and agree on the plan for experimentation.Before the growth meeting, the team should check on the ongoing experiments and collect the data and update the team. Once in a week the growth meeting should be conducted.

Further hacking acquisition, activation,retention will discuss in detail in upcoming session.