NH4 — Bengaluru to Chennai.

Please bare with the English as there will be many mistakes in the sentences because I am not born to English parents.

Chennai, a city in Tamilnadu - Over the years, the city has developed in trade, commerce and industry. A city with rich cultural heritage and highly urbanized population. From Mahabalipuram to Marina Beach - this city never fails to disappoint any of its visitors!! Probably the reason why people fondly call it “Namma Singaara Chennai”. This is all about my trip from Bengaluru to Chennai NH4.

I could go on and on speaking about namma singaara Chennai but my story would remain incomplete without “namma Bengaluru” - Bengaluru, a city in Karnataka — I’m emotionally attached to the city as I have grown up here and this city gives me my bread and butter. Bengaluru will always remain close to my heart because of the memories and Nostalgia that surround it.

There was a long weekend on account of Thanksgiving Day in America that falls on every 4th Thursday of November. So, I planned to meet my uncle who lives in Chennai.

Bags are packed and I'm ready to go completing the work assigned on the previous day. My mum was a bit worried as I am traveling alone. "Come on maa, it is Chennai not China" I had told her. But can you ever convince your mother that you are grown up and can look after yourself?? She had a list of instructions to give me before I leave “keep your wallet inside the bag”, “do not fall asleep in bus” “Do not speak to strangers” , “do not eat anything given by strangers” I agreed like an obedient child with a grinned face and left the place.

Logged-in..! Mails, Calls, Reports..! Oh God..!
 But it was a happy mood to set go.
 23rd of November was not only Thanksgiving Day for me but also a special ones birthday..!

It's Time to remember the olden days.

It was June 13, 2016. After stepping out from the college, it was my first job. I saw her. For me she was one among the 26 ILP batch mates in training room. Over an year, she became so close to me that I never wanted to leave her again and I do not want to loose her friendship. Initially she seemed to be very innocent silent and used to whisper so slowly that I had to place my ear near her mouth to listen. But now I realise she is a Revolver Reeta. I can hear her voice even if I a thousand miles away from her. Such a loud voice yet so beautiful like a mice’s voice. Sometimes I don’t understand a word of what she speaks nevertheless I just listen. Sometimes she even sends me voice notes in Whatsapp that are so cute and funny I can’t resist laughing!!

What did I like in her?
She has beautiful brown eyes. I love that. Her eyes, tell me more than the words she speaks. There was something breathtaking about her eyes.
Her name is Sarika and I call her Meenamma!

At midnight there was a cake cutting celebration arranged by her team to celebrate her birthday.!

She had got a lot of gifts and was the busiest person that night but what did I gift her..?
Nothing.. Just a “happy birthday Meenamma..!”
It made me feel guilty but I decided to make up for it some other time.

Coming back to reality, time to work again. Despite getting errors, my aim on that day was to clear the queue and get up from the chair and get out of the office..!

.... To be continued.

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Shanmugaraj Shekar, Writer

Aishwarya Satish, Editor