Garza Blanca — The Great Hayley Getaway

Warning — this post contains a bagillion photos and it may immediately make you want to rush off to Mexico. **

The Hayleys needed a vacation. Work has been epically busy, plus our Galloway running group duties and a host of other things we’ve said yes to over time. Then there’s the whole, Hey — we haven’t been on a proper vacation in over two years thing.

That’s how we found ourselves in Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We found a beautiful resort, Garza Blanca, owned by the same group which owns Sierra Lago where we’d enjoyed a wonderful vacation several years ago.

Garza Blanca didn’t disappoint.

Beautiful views.

Beautiful room.

Amazing quiet infinity pools.

Great hiking opportunities through the surrounding rain forest — complete with hidden waterfalls.

Excellent food.

A great gym (necessary after all that food) with a fantastic view:

And sunsets.

It was just what we needed. Now to not wait 2+ years to have another vacation just like it!

Originally published at on December 7, 2016.

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