How to Kick Sunday Dread

Sundays challenge me.

There’s something about the end of the weekend that kicks that old Oh no, I have to go back to school/work soon feeling into overdrive.

It starts out fairly imperceptibly. Just a slight bit of agitation around the edges that slowly ramps up as the day progresses. It’s disconcerting, this feeling. I’m wise to it now; I know the characteristic signs — anxiety mixed with sadness that creates a cocktail of discontent.

Does Sunday make you feel this way, too? If so, you are not alone.

The funny thing about Sunday Dread is that it’s so outdated! The last time I had to adhere to a school schedule was 2003 — the year I finished my degree. And the last time I had to think about a work schedule that was not my own was nearly twelve years ago.

So, why the Sunday blues after all these years?

I chalk it up to allowing old beliefs and habits determine my present mental and emotional state. It’s such a rip-off to do this. I mean, c’mon! I’m the one doing the thinking (however subconsciously) of these persistent thoughts, so I can undo the thinking — or at least make the thoughts less frequent and debilitating — and you can, too.

So, I’ve come up with a plan to change the way I respond to Sunday’s arrival, and it involves re-framing the old messages that my mind tells me about how awful Sunday will be.

First, I’m lucky to have another Sunday to look forward to (the re-frame). Each Sunday that arrives is one more day I get to be alive (it rhymes, I know). And I’ve started to create rituals on Sunday that are exclusive to that day. Sleeping in if I feel like it, walking through my neighborhood taking care to travel streets that are off my beaten path, and allowing hours for journaling, reading, meditating, cooking, and maybe a movie.

Sunday is now the feed-my-soul day. So much better than Sunday Dread, don’t you think?

And it’s working! I am starting to look forward to Sundays. Yes, the dark cloud of Sundays past can creep in if I’m not vigilant, but I set my intention on Saturday night that Sunday is going to be my awesome me day.

Tell me about your Sundays (or maybe it’s Monday you dread the most). How do you cope? What strategies work for you?

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