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Mmmmmmm, pancakes.

If you know me, you know that I love to cook.

For me, cooking is similar to crafting ads: imagination, multi-tasking, organizing, and improvisation. Sauce too salty? Ease it with some fat. Need to eat in 15 minutes? Grab some pasta, oil, garlic, and cheese. No matter the situation, you find your rhythm and dance through it to the final plating. And when it all goes to hell — there’s wine and chips.

Last year, I decided to take up baking. I blame my friend Nakia Hansen, a brilliant IP attorney and digital strategist who is a genius with flour and a rolling pin. After a few years of watching her crank out pies, cupcakes, and biscuits I thought I could easily get into the baking game. …

Earlier this year I met what Tumblr told me was the Carefree Black Girl. A natural creative, she’s the grand daughter of the Bettie Davis and Sonia Sanchezes. The post-Lisa Bonet and all them girls in Love Jones but smarter with better poetry, less inhibitions and a sick social media savvy. Truthfully she touched me deeply but she was quite familiar.

Because she’s a younger me.

Next year will mark my 10th year of a career creating art and copy in order to sell products to targeted groups of people, also called advertising and marketing. Compared to most of my colleagues the path to my current position, a Creative Director, has been anything but traditional. …

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