Life…Still Loading

Life. Such a funny, joyous, fulfilling, breathtaking, challenging, unexpected, tumultuous, confusing, sometimes crappy thing. Through the twists and turns and the ups and downs, one thing is for sure — change. Sometimes we’re soaring high with confidence, clear goals and big achievements and at other times, we’re just struggling to hold on. In between those times we might be at a plateau or just swimming in a steady stream of mediocrity.

If you’re feeling stuck or just need a small push, here’s a little encouragement — from a designer’s point of view:

Wait out the “pinwheel of death”

We’ve all faced a time in our life when things are seemingly taking too long to happen and we feel like we’re walking in slow motion (maybe even backwards). Even when we’ve got a plan, the process may be painstaking with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. But a slow crawl is better than no movement at all. Progress is inevitable if we keep moving forward. Sometimes we just need to brace ourselves though the storm of adversity and press through those rough times. There’s something good on the other side.

Close all unnecessary tabs

To focus or not to focus…that is the question. When any and everything is important, there’s really no priority. And we already know that we are lying to ourselves when we try to “multi-task”, because our brain is switching back and forth between too many thoughts and ultimately we end up doing a whole bunch of stuff but not really getting anything meaningful done. Shut out the extra noise, remove distractions and focus on making progress on one — just one — priority for a set period of time or until it’s completed. Then, move on to your next task.

Force quit (Control + Alt + Delete)

Some situations in our lives require immediate quitting action. We’ve gone in the wrong direction, said something we shouldn’t, found out that we’re headed down a path that doesn’t make us proud or we have fallen into the wrong crowd. Stop! Make a conscious decision to end behaviors that are to your detriment and start behaviors that are uplifting to yourself and to others.

Restart, reboot

If at first you don’t succeed — well you know the rest. The failure isn’t in getting things wrong or making mistakes, but not being willing to learn from those mistakes and try again. Sometimes we simply need to get our bearings, reset our mind, recharge and then get back onto the playing field. There’s nothing wrong with rebooting your thoughts, your actions or your entire life in efforts to get back on the right track.

Shut down

It’s called sleep. Vacation. A break. When you’re steady approaching burnout, there’s only a matter of time before your body will shut down, even if your will is strong. Know your limits and know when enough is enough. Disconnect from the the “to-do” lists and the busyness of life and take some time to just appreciate the fact that you’re living. Whether it’s a 3-week getaway, a day trip, a good night’s rest or just a 10 minute walk outside, your body (and your mind) will thank you for it.

Are you sure you want to quit? Save your changes and keep moving forward!