Shannon (HΩDL) Code
May 22 · 2 min read

I wanted to provide an overdue update on the company. In January, Emblem Vault was presented with a great opportunity to become part of UNspecified. That allowed the project to have a larger team beyond developers, such as business development and marketing. It has been great working with the team over the past few months.

About UNspecified

UNspecified is a diverse team of 8 people focused on modern, high-performing software delivery. Their knowledge of blockchain and crypto markets is unmatched by anyone! Additionally, they have been long time partners of mine with Emblem and have a deep understanding of what we are building and how that applies to people and businesses. http://unspecified.life

Next Steps

Our focus has admittedly shifted as the crypto market has changed. That does not change what we are building — Emblem platform services: built to unify the digital asset landscape, making blockchain accessible to everyone. In order to build revenue and create the value everyone deserves in today’s market, we had to consider launching with key partners. We announced a few of those partners recently and are working to launch with them over the coming months.

The team at UNspecified will be more involved in regular communications for all things Emblem. We are hard at work building the products and relationships we need for success.

Shannon (HΩDL) Code

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Developer of impossible things, blockchain and more.

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