Do Something Right now.

Give Living People Material Support.

Below find a list of folks in need. This is something that is immediately effective. Make a difference right now. We often see that there is so much bad going on and we feel helpless. I see people wring their hands about “doing something”.

This is something. Help living real people live. If you have a few bucks to spare, that’s great. If you don’t, share this post and use your social media for something good. Do something. Help folks survive.

Help Bria be a lash stylist.

Aaminah is a student and artist who needs support for survival.

Anji is also an artist who needs help with getting medications and healthcare.

Sumi and their family had a tree fall on their roof. Help here. Or help them provide with school and art supplies.

Lorraine is in dire need of raising 2K for living.

Lazarus Light needs help living.

Help Suriel pay the remaining costs after their doge passed away. Info here.

Noa Suprihmbé needs help with childcare, rent and survival.

Jack needs top surgery. Help him here.

Help Devin support Trans POC in need. Here and here.

Help Chiazoka ease into a new job and have some breathing room.

Support Rhizome (the link is their paypal address) live and work.

Help David get his MFA.

Help Wagatwe recover from a big move and car accident.

Help get the Queer Lady Magician Tiara on stage.

Elizabeth needs help with medical bills.

Help Jay pay medical bills and survive.

Shar needs help retaining an attorney to protect her family.

Help Quinn keep their phone on while they are looking for work.

Updated 8/28.

Help Laura LeMoon survive.

Mallory needs help getting out of a bad situation.

Last there is yours truly.

Your fave chunky weirdo and their lil family is trying to recover from the monster moving costs that ate up all our money.

Now I will say this again.

If you have some cash to spare, grab a link. Distribute small amounts. Every bit helps.

No cash? No problem. You have an internet. Copy and paste this link and throw it ALL THE WAY INTO THE VOID.

If you can share every awful news story you can share this. Encourage your friends to share.

And hey you, if you have a need please drop your info below.

Next time, I’ll be putting together some patreon/ongoing monetary support links.

Thanks for reading.

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