Extra Post- Emergency Self-Care Start!- My latest venture. Come to the blog for more info!

When it ALL sucks.

I want to get us rolling with some back to basics, holy shit I just want to survive level self-care.

This is for those of us struggling with a bad patch of any kind of stripe. We’re going to get started caring for you right now and for future you who might be doing a bit better or a bit worse.

First and foremost. Please eat. Eat something. Right now if you’re in a bad place, it doesn’t matter what you eat so much as you get some food into your system.

I want to make a few things clear. Judging or shaming folks for getting sustenance is a no win game. We aren’t here to debate diets or body size. I’m not interested in doing those things in this space. The fact is, human bodies need fuel and sometimes we just need whatever we can tolerate. What that means for you in particular, may be the worst thing for me and that’s okay. We can still exist in the same universe and talk about how to keep our bodies running.

Let’s start with some action. This will require a few spoons and some time to think. Think about the stuff you can or want to eat when you don’t feel well. I will mention writing or noting stuff down a lot. Do it how it’s best for you, sticky notes, memos on your phone, drafts in your email. My list includes, instant mashed potatoes, Cream of Wheat, juice, toast, non chunky soup, the easiest.

We have to fucking eat.

Sometimes, how we eat is going to be the most influenced by how much money we have. When your food budget is low or really really low, I say get what you can. There are times in life when my partner and I exist on dollar store chicken patties and instant noodles. Sometimes, we can’t afford better food but, like I said we gotta eat.

That applies to you too.

If you have food available to you and you have some spoons, I highly recommend making some things you can freeze. Soup, chili, spiced up meat if you eat it. This is a habit I will refer to a lot. This is doing Future You a solid. Maybe you tuck away a bowl of magnificent food, hideaway some candy or hide five bucks in your shoe for a rainy day.

Next, if you need to literally make yourself a take care of yourself list and follow it, do it. I’m being very literal here. If you need to write a note and stick it on your bathroom mirror that looks something like:

Do it.

I will not shame anyone out of using a method that helps them because it might be simple or come across as weird to other people. This is our survival. This is do what you gotta do level stuff. If you need to get even more detailed, write yourself instructions Or, ask someone you trust to help you write your list. We’ll talk more about teamworking it out soon.

A few things I use especially days when I’m too fatigued to do more than exist, I have strategies to keep me fed and hydrated and taking whatever meds I need to.

I heavily use my google calendar. You can set things on the calendar and specify times for the reminders to get to you. I use these on my phone for reminders to eat, reminders to do whatever.

So, your challenge my friends is this.

When the day is most terrible, what do you need?

What something to help future you out that you can do right now?

Let’s go right now. If you haven’t eaten, go get something to eat. Need meds? Go take them. Water? Gotta poop?

Do a good thing for yourself.

If you are or feel alone in working on taking better care of yourself, let me be your support right now. If nobody has told you, hey you are still alive so you’re doing something right.

I’m serious.

If no one else has said it to you, I’m saying it.


You are doing it. Even just by starting here, reading this you are doing the damn thing.

Also remember, even basics count. If you manage to only grab a new roll of toilet paper for the bathroom or put your tea cup in the kitchen, you’re doing it. If you don’t have the spoons to do future you a solid right now, that’s okay. You’re breathing, you’re doing it.

Originally published at selfcarelikeaboss.wordpress.com on May 12, 2017.

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