Unfriend over Politics? More Likely than You’d Think.

Shannon Barber
Jun 21, 2018 · 3 min read
[image description: photo of the author. Brown skinner person with a Darth Vader mug blocking the bottom half of their face. Sipping tea.]



Or, I see you’re another liberal snowflake censoring people and unfriending over politics, so silly.


Excuse me.

The short answer to would you unfriend over politics, is yes the fuck I will.

First, what are politics? Politics can mean a lot of things that go from, I voted yes on blabla because I want a forty lane highway in our state to, supporting the Emporor Orange Asshole. And all the stops in between.

Second, this is not new. Stop acting brand new.


For reference, in case you’ve forgotten I am a Black Queer Gender Fluid human. As a young potato, I did not ever unfriend or stop speaking to folks over politics. I listened to their anti-Black “jokes”, the homophobic “jokes”, the turades about how stupid whatever Black thing is or how much some dude hates bitches etc etc. All political. All things that hurt me.

Now let’s fast forward through time, pew pew whoosh to today 6/21/2018.

I am 41 years old and I will absolutely block you, remove you from my life and/or generally unfriend you across all universes if your political views support or include things that are dangerous to my actual life.

If you are not a marginalized person, especially if you are cis White and heterosexual, you have no real idea about what it means to live under a rule of law that would happily see you dead. You don’t know what it’s like to be constantly defending your humanity, to have absolute concrete evidence that you are not protected, you are perfectly eligible to be extrajudicially executed, that people will say that people who look like you should be caged and killed, you don’t know what it is like to constantly worry with the flux and flow of elected officials whether or not your marriage will be respected, you have to wonder if something happens to you and you get hurt, will the ER turn you away because they can?

This is oppression.

This is real, daily life, from birth to death oppression.

It isn’t “just politics” for too many of us.

It is life and death.

This includes, not exposing ourselves to further harm so we can listen to people “respectfully” or gleefully or hatefully cheer on our demise.

There is this notion that if I kick you out of my life over politics, that I am somehow insulating myself in a bubble. I assure you I am not. Without the person who told me that Tamir Rice deserved to be executed because he “looked scary” and well, cops are just doing their jobs, I am still very well aware of the habitual and mostly unpunished ways in which the police will extrajudicially execute someone like me.

I know.

We know.

Unfriending, blocking etc over politics is not just a method to help keep a body a little bit sane, it can also be vital to mental health and just not having every day be so terrible.

I don’t need a MAGA hat wearing, Orange Asshole loving, rat fuck telling me what a snowflake I am when I tell them no, to know they hate me.

I know.

I been knowing.

I been saying.

If you would never hear “the other side” or the side that is totally fine with you dying because you unfriended one person or forty people, you are lucky and rare. Cherish it.

The rest of us, hear it, see it and live it every single day almost everywhere we go.

So, to answer the now eternal question-

Yes. The. Fuck. I. Will.


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