Rotunda Studios Revamp

Students work to Bring Rotunda Studios back to life.

By Shannon Blunt

Senior Payton Conway walked toward the Health and Fitness Center, a camera in one hand and a tripod slung over her shoulder. Not your average gym attire, however, Conway wasn’t headed to work out, she was there to bring back Rotunda Studios.

“When I came in as a freshman there just wasn’t enough interest in it and it was no one’s fault, but there just wasn’t enough people to keep it afloat, and I really wanted to change that and find people who could help build the the program to its full potential,” Conway explained.

In previous years, Rotunda Studios has fluctuated in numbers, and last year consisted of only Conway.

Conway kept the studio alive and last year she became the producer of Rotunda Studios, which is partnered with The Rotunda newspaper, and she has been working to build up the organization by producing a weekly video that coincides with the news organization’s stories that week.

Conway decided she would rebuild the organization and help gain credibility for the videos and better the program as a whole. “Being able to start on the ground floor gives us the opportunity to mold this into something new, and having people who are actually really passionate about this helps a lot.” She said.

Junior, Nicole Del Rosario reporting in front of the Health and Fitness center

Junior, Nicole Del Rosario, recently joined the team and worked on the Health and Fitness Center’s grand opening piece, she had the opportunity to practice her on-camera work and work with Conway to produce the clip. “It was a learning experience for me because I got to write my own stand up and report on the actual story and this year is like our test run and Payton definitely has an eye for it so I believe we can get bigger and better” Del Rosario added.

Alaina Jacques, junior, also joined this semester and is excited about how the Rotunda has grown over the past few weeks. “I’m glad that Rotunda Studios is becoming more of a thing this year, because I was introduced to this and have seen it grow since. This is what I want to do in the future so this is really going to give me a leg up in my career and I’m looking forward to being an organized broadcaster and fine tune my skills.”

Rotunda studio’s piece on DACA

Conway spends hours every week producing the videos, along with her five other staff members who star in and help write the stories. Conway wants to leave the station better then it was when she joined and says “I hope by the time I graduate there will be something for the next generation of students to build off of and make their own and I think we are well on our way to doing that.”

Since the beginning of the school year Conway and her staff have produced four videos ranging in a sports round-up, to a hard hitting piece on DACA, and you can view these videos on The Rotunda’s website or Rotunda Studios’ YouTube channel.

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