Gun violence in the US is not epidemic.
Jeffrey Carter

You wrote “gun violence in the US is not epidemic,” to which I reply: not only is this a massively incorrect statement, it’s a massively insensitive one.

Your logic that California’s tough laws failed to prevent the San Bernadino shooting is irrelevant in light of the New York Times’ excellent investigative reporting showing that most illegal guns come from adjacent states with lax gun laws. Same in Chicago. Same in Massachusetts.

But even if these shooters’ guns did come from CA, California’s overall rate of gun violence per capita is statistically much lower than states with lax gun laws. The same is true for France when compared to the U.S. That was accomplished through legislation. It’s called harm reduction.

As we speak, Gavin Newsom is gathering signatures for a bill that would place further limitations on the amount of ammunition someone can purchase and require background checks for it. That’s what someone does when they actually care about human life. They don’t yammer on about game theory and the fucking Prisoner’s Dilemma. They take action.