Winter’s Night Poem

Snow laces your lashes, wraps you in its wake,

a darkness like velvet falling around you.

You walk the street and travel galaxies each step,

passing the slender bodies of birches.

You are a thought, a dream of the night,

leaving behind x-ray footsteps,

the small crushed skeletons

of gentle flakes.

You’ve come to find me

in this old house.

The bones of walls and pipes

creak like ghosts awakening,

to find themselves part of the world they’d dreamt.

As we stretch, our bones too come undone.

We each change our shapes to fit the other,

fingers trace patterns on palms and backs.

Strange that you’re the one I think of

when the shadows come searching in the night.

You hide me from fingers of ice at the windows,

from the searching lights of cars

that seek to shake me from sleep.

Like cats we curl to bundle warmth and strength,

our tails curled inward,

safe from harm.

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