BDV — Professional Announcer and Event Emcee

They call me Big Daddy Voodoo and I have announced roller derby since 2008. Since then, I have honed my public speaking skills, specializing in hosting offbeat events for audiences of a couple all the way up to tens of thousands!

Working constantly hosting derby events, food competitions, civic organization awards ceremonies, countless entertainment venues, races, and online sports broadcasts, I have honed my skill and persona to have a good time with an audience as the kind of detached, but funny, guide through an event as a shared experience.

Creating a genuine, honest rapport that helps deliver your message clearly to receptive audience is important to me. I have pushed everything from concessions, to souvenirs, to memberships, to charity driven fundraising and loved every minute of it!

I really love announcing events. I find hosting scifi cons and costume contests particularly fun and one of my strengths is drawing on my own background in fandom and translate that into enthusiasm and passion for what I’m doing.. I started out trained in broadcasting, then I did a stint marketing a roller derby team. Along the way I learned organizational management and effective presentation skills. This combination gave me not only a good idea of how to target messages to an audience, but how marketing and branding can be used in conjunction to create an over all experience beyond just a talking head on a stage.

I am NOT a DJ or in any way available to do DJ work, but I can easily package my announcing with a reliable professional DJ with not only his own PA, but 100,000 watts of power behind it! Click on the contact link at the top of the page to get a quote and book me to cheerfully host your event!

* For events over an hour from Johnson City, travel reimbursement or arrangements will be required.

* No charge for most roller derby with 2 hours as long as travel arrangements can be made.

* References on request.