My Favorite Places to Eat In Asheville, NC (so far)

May 2015 Favorites:

The Barleycorn — Haywood Road, West Asheville
Great, rustic hearty food! Awesome brunch with the best $7 bloody mary served with a pork rib on top.
UPDATE: CLOSED as of 4/13/17

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack
Some of my favorite fried chicken anywhere. Their medium-hot is most places hot! The hot is only a little hotter than medium, then it’s a million scoville units until the next level of hot (crazy hot from there up.) Sides are all great. Good beer selection.

Universal Joint- Haywood Road, West Asheville
A huge variety of bar food and some higher end choices.

Wasabi — Downtown on Broadway
Best Japanese food & Sushi in Asheville.

King James Public House — Downtown on Charlotte St., across 240 from the main downtown.
One of the best restaurants in town. Best burger (served rare only.) A gastropub specializing in interesting new takes on classic food. Everything made from local ingredients from scratch.
UPDATE: Closed as of 4/13/17

Korean House — Downtown, College St
Amazing Korean BBQ, Bulgogi stonebowls, and stir fry. Pricy, but excellent.

Doc Chey’s Noodle House
My favorite noodle house anywhere! Everything is good and inexpensive.

Rosetta’s Kitchen
One of my favorite restaurants on earth, and it’s vegetarian! It took some time for me to get out of my comfort zone and start loving some of these dishes, but the menu is a constant adventure! Peanut Butter Tofu on Kale and Rice is one of my favorite things. Their nachos are great with the yeast gravy. However, I don’t care for the vegan queso at all.

Early Girl Eatery
Generally a breakfast/brunch place, but all the food is locally sourced and delicious. Get there early for brunch to avoid a long wait.

Farm Burger
Farm burger is easily the best traditional burger in town! The meat is fresh, juicy, and delicious just by itself on a bun! (I know, I had one!) They offer an amazing list of toppings and specialty burgers that are incredibly delicious. I can eat there often, never wanting the same delicious burger twice! “Voodoo, everyone raves about Farm Burger! It’s not the best burger in town?”
To answer the question: I have to consider the King James Public House burger superior because of the quality of the meat and attention to detail that goes into it’s minimalist construction. Farm Burger is a perfectly set up sports car on an open road while The King James Burger is a limo taking you some place special. Both a re amazing for different reasons!

Honorable Mention:
Black Mountain Biscuit Company
Local Kitchen in Swananoa
Mela’ Indian Restaurant on Lexington
Asiana Grand Buffet —
The Bowl and Beggar — Great, but expensive.

Other places I’ve not tried:
I’ve heard Wicked Weed is really good.
I’m told 12 Bones is the top BBQ
Creekside BBQ is second best (But “don’t look around and get out of there as fast as you can.”)
Buchon Bistro on Lexington Ave.

Thanks to Drag’n for showing me the good stuff!

May 1, 2015