I Talk About #DeleteFacebook on…Er…Facebook Live

Shannon DeJong
Jun 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Sometime last year, I began doing weekly Facebook Lives called “Ask an ArtistCEO.” My podcast, ArtistCEO had just released and I was getting a lot of questions about how to balance art and business, as well as around my professional expertise, branding and naming.

So I opened up the doors to my brain on the internet — and it was fun!

And when the #DeleteFacebook drama hit, I thought I would talk about it on my next Facebook Live. Here is how it went and my conclusion about using Facebook while using Facebook Live. It’s basically a slightly edited transcription of speech — so judge accordingly ;)

Shannon turns on camera.

Hello? Is there anyone out there?

Hashtag Delete Facebook. Yep, that’s been in the news. But I decided to come on here anyway, cause I’m here to help you. To help is my brand and also my action.

(In acting school you learn that you must play actions, not just emote! So here I go…my action is to help anyone who has a question.)

Currently, I am having my first cup of coffee in a month. I’ll go back off again, but right now I am enjoying a nice espresso.

But what do we do about Facebook? Do we move platforms? Where do we go?

There are definitely less of you on today for our Facebook Live chat, that’s for sure.

There are a few joining me on Instagram…should we go there?

Yet, we do know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, right?

…Oh, and WhatsApp, too.


Personally, I’ve been using Facebook as normal because, where do I stand?

Is Facebook valuable enough for me to keep using it?

Let’s make it a brand lesson.

Branding is all about trust, relationship, value and need.

Do we trust Facebook? Maybe we don’t. But, there is still a need. Facebook fulfills many different kinds of needs: Personal, Creative, and Business.

In terms of our personal needs, it activates the FOMO force. That force is probably stronger than gravity! We use Facebook because other people use it. Golden handcuffs, no? We become tethered to things that may not work for us (like Facebook) because we would like to not miss out on things and would like to be connected to people.

Score one for Facebook.

What about leaving Facebook from a business point of view? What does it mean if I stopped using it personally vs. the agency getting off Facebook: Can we grow? Where do we grow? Where are our people?

Because YOU, listener, reader, thinker, person are the number one reason to stay. Connecting to YOU.

I’m creating a deeper relationship with the people I connect to here. I can hear what people want. What they’re struggling with. What they need.

As an artist, you get inspiration and connection by the very nature that a lot of people are here. You get an informative picture, a mass snapshot of humanity. As an artist and brander you have to stay connected to what the landscape is, have your finger on the pulse. Can you imagine being asked to work on a project that markets women in bikinis to women and not be aware of the #MeToo movement? Sometimes we get this kind of information from the news, but on Facebook we can have discourse, a sharing of opinions that adds to our knowledge of the zeitgeist.

“You are your personal brand” (so we hear) and often Facebook is a way to share that with people. Sometimes it’s about understanding who you are and sharing it. Some people will say that they feel too introverted to do this, but people have to vibe you out. It’s about showing up and being you. You don’t have to convince people to do business with you, because if they don’t like what they see, then they’re not your people. Self-selection happens, which can be beneficial for matching you to better clients, customers, collaborators, etc.

What do you think? Are these reasons compelling enough to stay?

For me, I use it. Not all that much, honestly (I’m always catching up on about 40 notifications…) But I like staying connected to people and helping people when I can.

How’s that for a #vaguelyhappyending?

Shannon DeJong

Written by

ArtistCEO with a hunger for truth in branding at House of Who, Inc. I write about business, art and the integration of the two. www.shannondejong.com

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