Blast From The Past

The person that I interviewed for my Q and A was my mother. I thought that this would be a perfect person to interview, because she and my dad were in a long distance relationship for a year when my dad went off to college. Her and my dad wrote letters to each other everyday, and also called each other from a payphone on my dad’s end. I wanted to see what she thinks about technology today, and how it could have changed their relationship.

Q: How did you and dad communicate when he was away for college?

A: We would write a letter to each other everyday. I was so cute because he would hang them up on his ceiling when he would get them. We would also talk on the phone every other night, he would call me from his end after nine, hang up, and I would call him back because it was cheaper if we did it that way. We would only get to talk on the phone for a couple of minutes though because it was still expensive.

Q: How often would you and dad get to talk?

A: Well we would get out letters in the mail every other day or so, then I would have to wait for a response. In-between the letters we would get to talk on the phone every other day, for like ten minutes max. It felt like two minutes, but dad says it was more than that. He would also get to ride the bus home at least once a month. Other than that, that was pretty much it as far as communication goes.

Q: Was it hard not talking all of the time?

I of course missed him! I always looked forward to those little phone calls at night, and when I got mail, but I was not like I knew any different. That was just the way it was. I knew that we loved each other, so the time that we got to spend or talk together was treasured.

Q: What was it like when you got your first cell phone?

A: I remember I got it for Christmas and it was this huge box looking thing that would make an obnoxious noise every time I pushed the buttons. There were no numbers saved in it or anything, just a big box that could make phone calls in the car. I was amazing though. I was so excited with the concept.

Q: What would it have been like for you and dad if you had a cell phone back when you were in a long distance relationship?

A: We would have had the opportunity to talk more often that is for sure. It would have been a lot easier to talk and keep up with each other. I would have been so happy to know that the love of my life was just a phone call away.

Q: Would you have stalked dad on Facebook if that was around back then? What do you think it would have done to your relationship?

A: I would have stalked him everyday! When I missed him, when I wanted to know what he was doing, if I had that opportunity I would have absolutely taken it. I do not know what it would have done to our relationship. Who knows it could have been bad or good, It could have made me jealous which would have been a bad thing.

Overall would you say that technology these days would have made things easier with your long distance relationship, or would have it just gotten in the way and damaged the intimacy?

A: Looking back at it now, the letters were so adorable and personable. I would visit his rom and see them hung up on the ceiling and get so happy. the time that we got to talk on the phone was so precious and meant a lot. So who knows, maybe not being able to talk to him all the time was actually a good thing. But for me, if I had the opportunity to talk to Joe than I would have absolutely loved it! It would have been a lot easier that is for sure, and I still would have treasured it the same because I was so in love.

Here are some links to technology affecting and changing the dynamics of relationships:

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