Melancholy, Maybe Not!

Have you ever had one of those days that turn into weeks and then you have no clue where the time went? Then you know exactly how I feel!

Between moving into our newly completed home, finishing basketball season, starting swim & rodeo season and calving, our little family has been busy! We are finally on the downhill slide of getting settled into our home and the calving is almost done.

We can’t forget about graduation and prom season. My oldest daughter will graduate this year — talk about making me feel old! This will also be the third prom of her high school career and my second daughter’s first prom.

Today also happens to be my mom’s 58th birthday, she passed away 14 years ago in a car accident. I always feel a little melancholy when her birthday rolls around. Days like this, make it hard to focus and get anything done. I just want to reminisce and feel bad for myself that I don’t have a mom to share all my moments with.

The new home, rodeo season, calving season, graduation and prom all make me miss my mom more. I fall into a pity party of why. Why did she have to die? Why can’t she be here to help me make important decisions and give me advice? It is easy to get caught up in the why and forget about all she did while she was alive.

My mom was a motivated, driven woman. She went back to school in her mid-thirties and graduated with a double major in History and Library Sciences. She learned how to cow-cut and enjoyed it thoroughly. She helped and supported my dad on the farm, ran a fair and rodeo, raised 4 kids and did countless other things. My mom was an amazing woman!

Because of my mom, I am driven and successful. I don’t back down from my goals and have raised my girls the same way. She taught me to love, support and help my husband in everything.

Maybe this day doesn’t have to be my melancholy day, but one to remember everything that my mom instilled in me. Because of her, I am everything she would want me to be and I can tackle my different ‘seasons’ and get through them knowing that she is guiding me still.

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