About All This Drama and Whatnot
Awesomely Luvvie

What you DID NOT address head on was that hierarchy of ranking blackness, and saying biracial or multiracial activists are trying to compensate for their proximity to whiteness. And I got what you’re saying about the Paypal stuff. Agreed. Defended you on that aspect of this mess. It’s hella respectability politics, so I/we need to unpack that.

But you cant envoke Nene Leakes and still dance around the issues. You said what you said, but you aren’t saying enough. You said what you said but you’re learning and can be a problematic fave, so let’s extend Luuvie some grace. Right? Fine.

But, boo , if something you said is problematic (which a lot of it was) and you write a long ass post about it and explain what you meant, you also need to explicitly apologize. You cant just be problematic and admit it. That isn’t enough, you have to apologize. My girl made the observation that you won’t apologize for anything because that’s how you feel in your heart. Just like you clearly feel African Americans are less black than native born Africans.... yet you want and are to profitting off us.

Like you ain’t doing the whitest shit possible by ranking and exploiting folks.

I rolled my eyes to the back of my head when you opened about paying for the WiFi on the flight. Can we discuss that nonsense? Excuse me, Luvvie for needing answers, my bad.

How you been at this 14 years and gonna complain about needing to address the problem you, and you alone created?

You didnt know the internet will come for dat whole entire ass? I mean, do you even Black Twitter? You must have forgotten Nicki Minaj’s recent passing (may she R.I.P. 😂😂😂)…and this isn’t even an issue of volatility, you legit messed up.

And damn, if you’re that pressed for $25-$35 (you aren’t. And $35 is being generous)...wait til you land. Duh. Draft that shit offline, when you land use the free airports WiFi. Connect your phone as a hot spot when you land. Then post it. But what you not gonna to do is make us responsible for you feeling the need to addressthis. I mean, how silly is it to call someone out for flippantly dropping a Paypal link, but then complain about the expensive airline WiFi?

This just reads like you mad someone is making “Hollywood money” and you aren’t. Honestly at this point I’d have more respect if the person you’re referencing just came out and said 'It’s me Luuvie keeps pointing her ashy hands at, y’all." No one would be mad at that because you handled this so terribly.

You should have taken the advice and not said another word on this.

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