The four stars I wished on that night you drove away

I. The stars were so eager to jump

Down my throat that night

Good god. They looked like shattered glass

I mean diamonds. A sea of spilled milk

To cry over.

I watched the reflection of the stars

In the lake like

They would turn me to stone if I dared

Look directly at them. The first jumped in and out of the water so quickly.

She was running from something.

I wish you would forgive me.

II. A stray fishing boat fished out

The hypocrisy I never saw in you.

It flashed in your gaze and I thought

I recognized it…

It disappeared into the

Black of your eyes.

I wish I had seen it sooner.

III. You wouldn’t look at me.

If I had known then what I know now

Neither Heaven nor Hell could separate

My fingers from meeting and

Severing the roadways your blood cells

Take to and from that heart of yours.

But we both know my fingerprints

Could never be found there.

I wish I was sorry.

IV. The stars were so eager that night.

I think they made it through my teeth

And maybe that’s why my voice cracked.

But there I was apologizing to a man.

I mean thief. Who never learned

How to say sorry.

I wish you hadn’t come back.

I wished I was sorry.

I wished I had seen it sooner.

I wished you would forgive me for

Wishing you never came back.