An Open Letter to University of Michigan Seniors

It’s mid-December and finals are here. Most of the University of Michigan student body is in the midst of what seems to be a very stressful time in life — multiple papers, exams, presentations, and projects to complete. For us seniors, we’ve been through the gamet. We’re in our fourth (or fifth) year and we’ve learned to trade in our late nights at Rick’s for late nights at the ref(erence) room.

Some of our best friends will be graduating in a week and for the rest of us, we have a few months left. But whether it is a week or a few months, we don’t have much time to spend with the majority of our best friends. Most of us will move away to different cities and, for the majority, many of our memories we made in Ann Arbor will fade away.

Although we may purposely forget what the Mason Hall bathrooms really looked like each weekday or the long waits at UHS, we won’t forget our friends, classmates, professors, or advisors that have made an impact on our lives as students and young professionals. Whether it be a bad event (I’m a strong believer in the idea that even if you fail — you’ve learned something.) or a good one, they’ve made us who we are today.

For that, I am tremendously thankful. I am priveledged to go to this university—I know thousands of students would be ecstatic to be in my place. The lessons I have learned at the University of Michigan, both in the classroom and out, have made me a better person than I was as a freshman.

So as our senior year culminates to a close, whether it be a week or a few months left in Ann Arbor, cherish the time you have left with your friends and remember:

For today goodbye, for tomorrow good luck, and forever GO BLUE!

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