I can’t be just weaving in and out with a platform like that. I have to be present.
I gave up on Facebook and replaced it with Medium
Andre Bohrer

Okay, I’ll bite. I went through an “angry at Facebook stage” — like, “dang, I’m late to a business page party and groveling for enough likes to not feel stupid.” Seriously! I was like, er….and, then, I just surrendered.

See, I had taken quite some time away from fb, never deactivating as that is not my persona, however, posting rarely and resenting comments from friends like “I posted it on my Facebook page, didn’t you see it?”

As if, I’d think to myself. No, I don’t live, eat and breathe this thing. And, if you really knew me, you’d knooooooow….

I’ve been more a Twitter person most of my life.

And, previously I coined my own personal expression of how I’d feel trapped by fb as a “Facebook k-hole” — a tranquilizer leading me into a marathon 3 hour session of catching up on the lives of people I’ve known, feeling shocked it was even possible.

Like a lucid dreaming state reading until I was a mummy or zombie. Unable to stop until a glass of water splashed me awake. So, it started to scare me before I could get too hooked, I suppose.

Okay, so fb is a trip.

I guess I’m lucky in the same way I can own as many as 5 iPhones activated at once, I simply don’t care about my smart phone when I am in person with people. Meaning, I come close to the edge and don’t fall into the abyss.

And, I can’t imagine Facebook being my first thing. Okay, I am super grateful about this. However, after reading this before posting, I see I’m sharing a way I gave it up!

The irony of so many devices, however, being this — I’m sure I look logged in 24/7 to others.

Facebook needs that LinkedIn feature (log out of all devices, or at least I think I saw that on LinkedIn). Wherever I saw that, I did it recently!

The significance of this share, to me, is seeing how lovely the community is here on medium to share freely. Where up until the last 24 hours I’ve accidentally been a “lurker” only for not being sure how I fit.

Though, I’ve loved sharing medium on Twitter and hearting, so not totally zombie-fied. That is still more active than just lurking or even only liking or “great post!” supposedly counting in the comments on a blog.

I’ve engaged. Like, been present. Yay!

Whereas, I don’t even know what I have missed at Tumblr as I saw it was “uber-cool-and-all” just it never happened for me. I predict the same for snapchat, periscope and that is not said as a slight at all.

So, I’m totally open to being educated and shocked I’ve escaped something so death-defying. Of course, a huge part of my online time now includes Facebook as a business activity or whatever. I use it for need-needs and as a more casual place than LinkedIn.

I admit I am also prepared when talking to friends who expect me to read their posts before I call if I’m feeling it intuitively.

I also have to say that I’m of the camp that thinks you are lucky if anyone notices (sounds so self-depreciating). I just mean that “getting your steel on” is helpful when putting yourself out there.