The Truth About Reconstructive Surgeries

The video on the left shows a fourteen year old Nadia Ilse receiving free plastic surgery from a non-profit organization after kids at her school bullied her because of her ears. However, she not only received plastic surgery for her ears but her chin and nose as well.

After I watched the video above from CNN, I saw that Nadia had found a new confidence in herself after receiving cosmetic surgery. Although I did believe she was too young to receive such a procedure, I saw something there to write about. I decided to focus on the common reasons why people receive reconstructive surgery, their overall experience with it, and the beneficial or detrimental results following the surgery.

Below are two examples of people describing their overall experience with reconstructive surgery.

The first interview was constructed as an audio format. The interviewee, Yasmin Ahram, who received reconstructive surgery, speaks about the accident that led her to go under the knife, her experience with her doctor, how she feels now that time has passed by from her surgery and how she feels about the job done to her. However the second interview was formatted as a video clip.

Yasmin Ahram( Student at The New School )

In the video below, interviewee Thomas Koenigs speaks about his experience with reconstructive surgery and the accident leading him to the procedure. He describes what the doctors did in his surgery and the beneficial aftermath of it.

Thomas Koenigs (Student at The New School)