Holy [expletive of your choice]! I cannot even imagine spending $20–30k!

14 years ago is a long time in wedding money so I’d say some of it is “wedding industrial complex inflation.” But also, it seems many of the people commenting (myself included) did not get married in a church, so the venue cost is quite high to get married somewhere “cool.” And it hasn’t been 14 years for us (4 years, actually) I do remember how cool our venue looked lit up at night (it was upstairs on a roof overlooking our cities downtown) and of course, I will have pictures 10 years from now to remind me. It just depends on what people value in their wedding. We knew we’d have drinks, because our friends and some family like to party so that’s an expense but we also knew we were particular about music, so we just created our own playlist and the venue had a good sound system setup so that was actually included and we saved money. It just all depends! I can’t stand in judgement of people who had more expensive weddings than me if they got the wedding they wanted and were happy!