For another discussion of Meghann Foye’s article that seems to have less contempt for people who…

I was just wondering the other day…has there been any real discussion of trying to implement the temps system they have in other countries? It seems like it’s always an afterthought in any discussion about parental leave in the U.S. but it’s clearly the only way it works to have the long leave other countries get. I don’t know all the details of how it’s handled elsewhere (who pays the temps?) but it can’t be bad to give people who need work some short term employment, that part seems like an easy sell. I’m not a kid haver and have been pretty lucky whenever people at work have gone on maternity leave, very manageable amount of work spread among the rest of the staff, but it’s still not a great system if we as a culture want to encourage both healthy kids and parents and work/life balance.

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