I think my wedding neuroses really comes from all those people who say “when I got married I only…

That’s why I like this list, these costs seem much more reasonable, much less pie-in-the-sky cheapest wedding ever which is what most people are bragging about. What it boiled down for me was I’m having a party for 80 people, feeding them a full meal, and providing them with booze. That’s ALWAYS going to cost a lot, for a wedding or for a fundraiser or any kind of party. I didn’t want my friends to put in any labor, nor did I really want to put in any labor! I’m trying to think if we saved money in any particular way and other than getting my dress pretty cheap, playing music from our Ipods instead of a band, hiring a friend (paying her, but much less than I would a professional as she was a hobbyist) to do photography, and not having a wedding cake (the venue was providing food and adding an assortment of desserts came out MUCH cheaper than a real cake.)I know people rag on catered food but the venue had a built-in BBQ restaurant and so we had food from there and it was legit and more affordable than a lot of catered options.