Shan R. Robles
Aug 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Hi there!

Im new on writing article about cryptocurreny but when i read about good things of these new type of currency i began to love it but as i said i was beginner.

Bitcoin one of the first coin that can mine on single computer called mining rigs. But years been fast and they had problems with mining of the called Bitcoin. The bitcoin was decentrilized project that has no owner or company hold and control it.

Then the 1st born of new new called Pow coin.

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I saw this project that has great features that other coin dont have like Bitcoin.

This project called

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This coin has great features that called


A masternode is defined as a manager for the Dash cryptocurrency system that performs special jobs and earns Dash as a reward for the work. A node is defined as any computing device (computer, phone, etc.) that is maintaining a network. ... Amasternode is more than just a node.

This Masternode just only need colateral to run and earn as high as 60% every blocks. A great earnings rather than mining it 24hrs like bitcoin.This masternode you only need vps to run a single masternode and dont need expensive mining rigs to earn more,and also you dont need more electricity.


Algorithim : x16r
Max Supply : 21,000,000
Block Time : 120sec
Rewards : POW 40% | MN 60%
Collateral : 1.000 HLX
P2P Port : 7979
Block Rewards : 20 HLX

Then i began to focus was this project like other whos older and curently running..

  • Then i saw thier features with exciting wallets and concepts.
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They had a elegant Gui of wallet that others dont have. I love to open it. And the best thing with this you dont need to put nodes to able to sync it on ther network thats why i love it..

With thier wallets you can earn while holding coin and stored it to thier wallets.

They made wallets on diffrent Platforms

  • MAC WALLET (coming soon)

The 1st project with intergrade with web wallets so even you dont have computer or cellphone you still hold and secure your coin .

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Heres the links:



Bitcoin talk post


Github Account

Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet


Guide on Masternode

Twitter Account

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