Psychic Weight — Dealing with the things that press on your mind

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I was really stressed out ten years ago. I felt that familiar pressure between my eyes and felt like all the things that remained undone were pressing on me. I called it “psychic weight.” I have since then collected my Productivity Tips and written extensively on the topic of productivity and getting things done. I’m going to continue to remind YOU that Self-Care Matters in between my technical and coding topics. The essence of what I learned was to let go.

The Serenity Prayer:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

Everyone has stress and everyone has pressure. There’s no magic fix or silver bullet for stress, but I have found that some stressors have a common root cause. Things that stress me are things I think I need to do, handle, watch, take care of, worry about, sweat, deal with, or manage. These things press on me — right between my eyes — and the resulting feeling is what I call psychic weight.

For example: When the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) came out it was a gift from on high. What? A smart VCR that would just tape and hold all the TV Shows that I love? I don’t have to watch shows when the time and day the shows come on? Sign me up. What a time saver!

Fast forward a few years and the magical DVR is now an infinite todo list of TV shows. It’s a guilt pile. A failure queue. I still haven’t watched The Wire. (I know.) It presses on me. I’ve actually had conversations with my wife like “ok, if we bang out the first season by staying up tonight until 4am, we should be all ready when Season 2 drops next week.” Seriously. Yes, I know, Unwatched TV is a silly example. But you’ve binge-watched Netflix when you should have been working/reading/working out so you can likely relate.

But I’m letting go. I’ll watch The Wire another time. I’ll delete it from my DVR. I’m never going to watch the second season of Empire. (Sorry, Cookie. I love you Taraji!) I’m not going to read that pile of technical books on my desk. So I’m going to declare that to the universe and I’m going to remove the pile of books that’s staring at me. This book stack, this failure pile is no more. And I’m not even mad. I’m OK with it.

Every deletion like this from your life opens up your time — and your mind -for the more important things you need to focus on.

What are your goals? What can you delete from your list (and I mean, DROP, not just postpone) that will free up your internal resources so you can focus on your goal?

Delete those emails. Declare email bankruptcy. They’ll likely email you again. Delete a few seasons of shows you won’t watch. Delete Pokemon Go. Make that stack of technical books on your desk shorter. Now, what positive thing will you fill those gaps with?

You deserve it. Remove psychic weight and lighten up. Then sound off in the comments!

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