Why I’m Sick of Political Correctness*
Lauren Modery

Thanks for sharing this. I’m also a “lib-tard” and have typically seen political correctness as a good thing in that it keeps us from saying things that are offensive, but your post helped me realize how it goes too far sometimes.

Here’s an example that came up for me tonight, actually: I’m looking to buy a house (also in Austin!) and met with my realtor tonight. She told me that if I ask her to show me neighborhoods that have young families with children, so my children (who I don’t have yet) could have friends to play with, she wouldn’t be able to do it because it would be discriminating based on age. She even said that she won’t call a neighborhood “walkable” because that’s discriminating against people with disabilities. She might have been going overboard a bit, but I researched this, and it turns out that agents apparently get sued for this kind of thing. Seems a little out of hand.

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