15 hours of screen time

I thought I’d quantify my day a little just to know what horrifying number of hours I actually spend staring at a screen. (Josh or Laura, if you’re reading this, any amount of time I spend on the internet, it’s always 100 percent Nieman Lab related.)

I also received a total of 691 notifications on my phone — I tallied this in increments throughout the day — between waking up and putting my phone away before bed, including those from email, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Nuzzel, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Weibo, PocketCasts (222 podcasts subscriptions), DarkSky (the weather was really weird Thursday), and the 34 news apps including Apple News I have on my phone.

Given that I take my phone everywhere, no time is not screen time, unless my phone is dead.

Roughly, here’s my Thursday, February 22, 2018. I don’t document every time I use a messaging app. Just assume I’m constantly messaging at every single moment of the day (except Facebook Messenger; I never use that).

7am: iPhone alarm goes off. Snooze immediately without looking. No screens!
7:30–8am: After three snoozes, awake. Check messages, emails. Check Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Screen time.
8–8:20am: Felt aware I was measuring myself, but did YouTube yoga for 20 minutes. This unfortunately probably still counts as screen time.
8:20–8:50am: Ate breakfast, read email newsletters, opened a million tabs. Send a few tweets for Nieman Lab, where I work. Sent an email. Listened to a podcast on 2x while putting away dishes. Mostly screen time.
8:50–9:15am: Biked to a coffee shop near my office. No screens!
9:15–9:30am: Bought coffee beans. On Twitter and Facebook while waiting in line. Sent Slacks. Sent a series of ridiculous snaps. Screen time.
9:30–11:45am: Writing a Nieman Lab story, editing another Nieman Lab story. On Twitter. Made tea, while scrolling through Twitter on my phone. Got snacks, while scrolling through Twitter and Facebook. Sent slacks. Screen time.
11:45–12:30pm: Heated up leftovers, phone in hand and catching up on a Nieman Lab story written by a colleague and a couple of other media stories. Sent slacks. Sad desk lunch. Screen time.
12:30–2:00pm: Emails. Finishing edits on a story. On Twitter. Screen time.
2:00–2:30: A second sad desk lunch. In excel trying to do some research on thousands of Facebook page posts downloaded from CrowdTangle. Screen time. Sent slacks.
2:30–6pm: Emails, Twitter, and in excel again. Screen time.
6–7:15pm: Biked home, made dinner, talked to my roommates. Let my phone die! No screens!
7:15–9:15pm: Saw I, Tonya at my neighborhood theatre. Thanks, MoviePass, but unfortunately, screen time.
9:15–9:35pm: On Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook as I walked home, listening to Spotify. Screen time.
9:35–10pm: Typed up the notes from my day of screens. Screen time.
10:15–11pm: Watched an episode of Great British Bakeoff. Screen time.
11-11:30pm: Read New Yorker articles saved to Pocket on my phone; didn’t touch my actual stack of physical New Yorkers. Screen time.
11:30–11:50pm: Read an Elena Ferrante novella and got sleepy within 15 minutes. No screens!
11:50pm–midnight: Typed the past two hours of activity up, then put my phone and computer away for the night. Screen time.