Confused? Everybody is.

confused? everybody is.

embrace it.

jump ahead, don’t look back. be free. Freedom

is an illusion. Cannot be free from yourself. Look around. smile. smile for

everyone, everything. Exist. In different levels. Levels of freedom. Observe.

nothing new. will there be? can you make something out of it? create. destroy.

create again .Praise? never mind. smile. everything is perfect. convinced. still

change it. experiment. people around you. chaos. chaos is itself beautiful.

different people . great people. give your life. smile. speak. only what you see.

don’t think. beautiful. Did someone listen? doesn’t matter.

smile. walk. see again. people

you know. converse. enjoyed? think. are you similar? nobody is. did someone

agree? does that upset you? both answers are horrifying. be genuine. no one is.

so are you. what do they want? do you want the same ? sure you can get what

they want but can you what you do this for yourself? closing in. sure you can.

that’s why you want it. you see around. you want more. you’re not greedy. you

say to yourself. you are ambitious. can be for anything. Ambitions.

satisfaction’s enemy. dreams. expectations. who expect? only you. No one

should. only you. throw yourself. don’t be afraid. you are. what do you see?

yes, nothing. everything’s fast. no. you are fast. then you are free. free from

everyone. still not from yourself. you realize. You are the creator. no one else

is. you have the power. you have the means. confident? sure you do. close your

eyes. take a deep breath.

confused? everybody is.