Social media isn’t just fun and games anymore. If it’s put to use, it is a powerful tool for networking and marketing. But the thing about the popular social media platforms is that it is more “Influencer” based, i.e., it has more to do with internet validation and very seldom does real talent or artists get recognition. Even if they’re able to gain some popularity, it’s not easy for them to look for work or be hired.

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Understanding the crisis

It has always been the way of the people that some of the professions are thought to be superior to others. This is one of the reasons for the cut-throat competition for the “mainstream jobs”, the other reason being the lack of exposure for the “underrated” professions. No matter what, one cannot deny the fact that these professions and not getting the appreciation and recognition that it deserves. …

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A walk through my Logo designing process

I have been designing logos since the time I was in school but it has been 4 years that I’ve been doing it as a freelancer. Those of you who know me through my YouTube channel, you all know that I’m not much of a talker and I don’t actually go in-depth into the details of the Logo designing process, there’s a whole lot of work which goes on to bring a single logo to your screens and I’m sure you’re going to love going through it as much as I love creating it.

So without further ado, let’s roll!


The logo I will be designing is for an Energy drink. I guess most of you, especially the designers, are very familiar with the “Blank stare of Terror” and I am no different.

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Almost a year back I started posting videos on YouTube and ever since the journey has been incredible. With the growing audience, like any other YouTube Creator, I started using the YouTube Studio App, and given that I’m a designer as well, I realized how much the app could be improved. Being a millennial the aesthetics appeal to me as much as its work efficiency and so I decided to redesign the YouTube Studio App.

What is the YouTube Studio App?

YouTube Studio is an official YouTube app for helping YouTube creators to manage their YouTube channels. It provides one with several features like monitoring the YouTube analytics, moderating the comments, managing the subscribers’ count, to name a few. …

Shantanu Kumar

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