Top 10 free apps for newly arrived Expats (Netherlands)

So you have just arrived in the Netherlands. Congratulations this is a great country to be in ! Here are the top 10 apps in no particular order you need to get around quickly.

  1. 9292
    This is your go to app for all things public transport related. Just enter your starting point and destination and it will give you all possible suggestions with realtime timings of how to get there via public transport (all modes). Also has website
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  2. Thuisbezorgd
    In dutch it means ‘home delivered’. The app has a listing of most if not all restaurants where you can order food delivered straight to your home. You can see the individual menus of restaurants and it even has some features that let you customise your meal like toppings on pizzas, making it mild or more spicy for curries etc. Also has a website
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  3. Google translate
    No brainer this one if you dont speak Dutch it helps to have this app handy even though most people speak English anyway. Specially their live translate feature is too cool . Need a document from the government translated or wondering about a food item in the supermarket ? Just point at the text in camera mode in this app and watch the text in the camera viewport change magically to English !
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  4. Buienalarm
    You probably heard about the unpredictable weather here or experienced it first hand. It rains just about any time of the day or year. But all you need to know is do I need an umbrella when I am about to step out. These apps tell you the probability of rain in the next two hours. Very helpful!
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  5. Pyke Messenger
    No this is not your typical messenger for friends. This app lets you ask other expats around your location questions and difficulties you are facing. Ask anything and let other people who have been there guide you saving you tonnes of google searching time. Also use it to collaborate with other like minded expats.
    Currently only on iPhone (Android coming soon)
  6. Meetup
    If you don’t know what is check out their website. It lets people host meeting groups based on like minded interests. There are many groups in Netherlands which meet for sports/ discovering this beautiful country/ groupes based on profession / startups etc.
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  7. Taxi TCA
    Easily book a taxi when you need one after a late night out with friends or to the airport. Kinda like Uber.
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  8. iAmsterdam city guide
    This one has good info about events museums etc in Amsterdam. Also check out their website (Mobile friendly). They have no app but this was still worth a mention :-)
  9. Party with a Local
    Into partying ? How about with a local staying in Amsterdam. Just meet up with locals who are willing to party with you, tell you about the culture and of course — party dutch style.
    Get it on Android or iPhone
  10. Foodspotting
    Get recommendations from experts who regularly try out various bars cafes and restaurants. Also talks about particular dishes rather than just in general about restaurants.
    Get it on Android or iPhone

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