This is my first time creating a piece of writing that people may actually read. I’m not very well at it, but I am going to try my best. This is about me. About my life. About my son and his father. About my family. Crazy, fun, sad, disappointment, enlightened and so many more things. The first thing I will say is take advice as it is and do not over react. I come from a family of divorce. That is the first thing I’ve noticed about my life, that was wrong. I used to think all was perfect. All was would always be perfect, until the day my parents got a divorce. I remember finding vodka bottles on my dads that he would try to hide from my mom. I remember waking up for school in the mornings just to go outside to walk to the bus to see them fighting and and pushing each other. My dad used to always bribe me into staying with him until one day I was spending the night with him and I said I missed my mom. He called her up, told her to come get me, and never talked to me again. Have never felt as sad and let down in my life. My father, my hero, my protector.. was no longer that. He was mean, he was ugly.. Was he the reason I let guys use me? Was he the reason I didn’t care if they didn’t love me, as long as they acted like it? Almost 8 years down the time line, I get a letter in the mail. From my so called father. He gave me his number.. I called. I went to his house, he met my son.. but something in me just told me to get out as soon as I could. I made up a story as to why I had to go back to Arkansas. I left and never looked back. I didn’t call. I didn’t let him know I made it home… I had to leave before he made me leave, again. Because everyone leaves. They grow bored or tired of you, and they leave. My dad, my friends, my mother, my sons dad. Eventually my son. My mom has a boyfriend that she chooses over her kids. Drinking everyday when she gets off work, no time for her kids let alone grandkids. But I can tell you something positive. I will never, in my lifetime, choose anyone over my children. I will never try to buy their love. I will never leave. I will always protect them. I will always allow them to be who they are and follow any of their dreams. I will always be their hero and I will always protect them as much as I can, no matter the situation. They will always be my light in darkness. They will always be the ones I need. Romeo, baby, you are my everything and I will try my best to give you a life better than mine. Whether your daddy and I are together or not. I love you baby boy.

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