It never rains in Southern California…

But when it does, baby, it pours.

Despite receiving several inches of rain over the last few days, San Diego is just under half of it’s annual average rainfall level for the “rain year” (Oct-Sept). *Update: Jan 7th rainfall put San Diego over the halfway mark! And trust me, those several inches came in dramatic fashion, with this:

AND this:

Despite some excellent coverage of flooding and rain — yes, rain, the dramatic event of the century in a place with so little of it each year — I’ve long wished to see a simple gauge of SD’s rainfall levels for the year. After much seeking and no finding, I decided to make one.

This requires a manual update from me, so please be patient with the “most current” info. I will try to update the files every time it rains; which, thankfully, is infrequently enough for me to keep this commitment without a big sacrifice to my personal life.

Visit the “rain-o-meter”:!/vizhome/SanDiegoRainfall/SanDiegoRainv2 .

Or here:

Here’s a quick image of the view from March 7, 2016 including new features (comparisons to normal for the timeframe and same timeframe last year).