Bring smile on hospitalized children

We came across an inspiring project of spending time with kids. We planned our project work and managed to visit Children hospital.


We had to face difficulty to get together and synchronize the time. But all members agreed on a same idea of meeting at hospital. One of our members reached earlier and got a permission to get in through a student of Children hospital. She spent sometime with her discussing the cause of our visit. So she impressed and helped other team members to get in.

We selected a unit 2 children to be the reason of smile. We visited the whole unit having the range of children 3–12 years old. We talked them and presented some food, crown and colored pencils to make them happy and realize them that they are also active part of society. There were people from different remote areas to treat their kids and mothers even caring her kid for months with pray of complete healing. This visit was awesome in the way it made us to feel gratitude and comprehend their pain from such a close relationship.

We all team members worked together to make this project work really amazing, effective and team oriented. Thanks to Awais who took the responsibility of photography to make it memorable and sharing with others. Thanks to Sana and Erum who purchased things to present the children and pack them efficiently.

It was a great moment of peace and eternal satisfaction when we became the source to bring smile on their faces and doing something odd to see their teeth in laughing mode.

WE are grateful for Amal to incite us and make possible to create little positive impact to our society. It went well and we are ready to pursue this in future on wide scale and with greater efficiency to serve humanity.