What SZC will launch after “data consortium”

Time Voucher Currencies in Hong Kong

Why We Talk about Resilience… Again

Resilience is the capability to overcome severe impacts from unforeseeable disasters and to rapidly recover by adapting to the new norms. This classic question of creating community resilience is again under the spotlight, because COVID literally killed off the many parts of the global economy, cutting off countless communities from critical supply chains of desperately needed goods and services resulting in a deficiency of support needed to sustain livelihoods.

From a much broader lens, globalism as the modern world’s social norm has failed at an unprecedented magnitude, and local communities, which may be…

(7th August, 2020) We proudly announce that IDCC Hong Kong is launched and it is officially commissioned by Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund (SIE Fund), a Hong Kong Government fund to enhance social innovation and fight against poverty and social exclusion, to develop innovative impact management methodology for 11 impact intermediaries and their 500+ subsidiaries programs in Hong Kong empowered by digital capacity building program and decentralized data technological tools. …

(7th August 2020) Shanzhai City launches social venture — IDCC — a blockchain data infrastructure for impact management disintermediation, is commissioned by the SIE Fund of HKSAR Government today to deploy the technological solution on 11 impact management intermediaries and their 500+ subsidiaries social service agencies across all sectors and potentially covering 200,000+ users from grassroots communities. Shanzhai City has been incubating the concept of IDCC since 2018, received funding and supports from Cyberport, to explore the decentralization of impact metrics and measurement workflow at the frontline of social services through blockchain and cloud technologies. …

Shanzhai, translated as ‘mountain village’, is a term often used pejoratively to refer to Chinese copycat products of mobile phones and handbags. Defying the negative perception, Tat Lam called the company he set up five years ago ‘Shanzhai City’. Describing his younger self as ‘a little rebellious’, he said the name was meant to be a manifesto against capitalism: ‘Whenever Apple launched a new smart phone, a vast number of fakes would surface at the shops of Huaqiang North Road in Shenzhen. These “knock-off” mobile phones actually cater to people’s needs at the grassroots level, providing the same convenience enjoyed…

With Covid-19 pandemic having created worldwide gridlock, it has irrevocably changed the paradigm of how people work with each other, live their life, and trust each other. For better or for worse, the relationship between people is shifting from both ends of the spectrum — the total distributed power system on one side and the total centralized power system on the other — and towards the decentralized power system, which breaks big communities into micro-scale self-sustaining communities, but not yet become too fragmented to cellular individuals. …

Fighting poverty with universal lending on blockchain

31 July, 2019 — Shanzhai City has taken its development finance technology towards in a new strategic direction to launch Good Commons Finance (GCF), a new lending venture that utilizes blockchain to provide different types of debt finance mechanisms to enable different scales of social development solutions in Southeast Asia. Based in Singapore, GCF is a partnership between Shanzhai City and impact investment firm Design Venture Forward (DVF). The newly-formed company is going to serve Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Central Asia.

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus (Founder of Grameen Bank), Dr. Tat Lam (founder and CEO of Shanzhai City) and Mr. Gao Zhan (Founder of Grameen China) recently met at Grameen Trust in Bangladesh to discuss how next-generation technologies can help microcredit to proliferate across East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Hong Kong, June 14, 2019 Shanzhai City is bringing its expertise in social impact strategy, impact analytics technology, and decentralized development finance in partnership to co-launch Sustainable Development Goals Ecotourism Impact Investment Fund(SDG-EIIF). Other than impact management, the company will also apply iO₂ decentralized ledger technologies for impact measurement and impact auditing, including implementing progressive DID protocol for end-beneficiary due diligence, crowdsourcing validation of local needs and impact data, as well as tracking impact generation with real-time dashboard.

Co-founders Dr. Tat Lam (CEO of Shanzhai City), Dr. Ilex Lam (Senior advisor of UNDP Innovative Finance and CEO of iEnterprise)…

News and Updates from Shanzhai City and Impact Oxygen Foundation(iO₂)

March 4–8: Hong Kong Blockchain Week

6 May (Morning) | Adapting Villages Workshop 2019 :International Workshop on the Future of Rural Villages

Rural villages are changing at an unprecedented rate. oday, the notion of “rural condition” is rife with preconceived ideas that have little in common with everyday country life.

Adapting Villages Workshop 2019, organised by the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, CUHK; and School of Architecture, CUHK, is going to explore “actual” rural conditions with real-world examples of villages, understanding how and why they transform, as well as how they adapt and calibrate.

Dr. Tat Lam, CEO of Shanzhai City, will attend the first…

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