No More Worrying: Your Elderly Loved One Is Safe at Home!

An estimated 12.5 million Americans seniors lived alone, according to statistics from the Administration on Aging — and that number is likely to keep rising as members of the baby boomer generation get older.

As we all know, one of the most common and concerning issues associated with seniors living alone is that they are generally lack of ability to call for help right after an emergency happens, which can be very dangerous and even life threatening.

Kytera, an Israeli start-up, develops an advanced remote monitoring solution that detects emergency and distress situations among seniors should they happen.

Through a wristband and five sensors installed around a senior’s home, Kytera harnesses indoor GPS technology to gather details about a person’s activity around their house, even in the presence of other people. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the system dynamically learns the person’s daily activity patterns and by analyzing every activity in its context, the system automatically detects deviations from the routine and distress situation. For example. If a person falls down, an alert is sent to both an app on their caregiver’s phone, as well as a call center.

What benefit could Kytera bring to us? Not only for young people — Ketera gives them a peaceful mind that their elderly loved ones are secure and safe at home. But also for seniors, be rest assured that they are actually not alone — with their safety status keeping monitored by Kytera, they are still able to live independently as long as they like.

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