DFScoin: Daily Fantasy Sports Cryptocurrency

Now a days a large number of people are showing their interest in sports, playing games and getting involve in Sports industry . Many of us are familiar with Daily Fantasy Sports.
The fame of Daily Fantasy Sports has increased immensely over the last couple of years. Daily Fantasy Sports are exceptionally fascinating for sports fans and productive too for Fund raiser.The popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports has increased immensely over the last couple of years. A fantasy sport is some kind of online game where participants gather imaginary or virtual groups of genuine players of an expert game.

Fantasy Sports have turned into a social component that encourages individuals to interface with companions and outsiders alike as one can play and win cash all the while.With the modern daily fantasy sports there is a possibility of making serious money as you can create a league with friends, coworkers, social media contacts, followers, and even strangers.

Airdrop DFS bounties:

The action doesn't stop there.. get always remain active in the DFScoin community by taking a vitality on one or the larger part of their visit channels which is given below-

Discord: https://discord.gg/JSBgmVS
Slack: https://dfscoin.herokuapp.com/

DraftDaily.Com driving the course in Cryptocurrency's in game play for Daily Fantasy Sports Fans. The DFS Coin Which Has Landed in the Top 5 in the BTC, ETH and LTC Market After only 5 days on CoinExchange IO. It Is Set to Take-Off Soon With Some Major Announcements in the Coming Weeks.

To be able to play daily fantasy sports, customers will be required to download the DFSCoin Wallet from their site, http://dfscoins.com/. Beginning at now they have the two Windows and Linux wallets and they will make and including Mac and Android wallets at the suitable time. When you have the wallet you will be able to buy the DFScoins from different trades including YoBit, Cryptopia, Bittrex and others inside 5 to 10 days from the entire on the ICO. Once the wallet is stacked then you can utilize DFSCoin to play on DraftDaily.com and FanLucci.com beginning this NFL season long with different DFS objectives who have taken an interest with them.

Advantages of DFSCoin:

Some major advantages of DFScoin is mention below-

*DFSCoin provides lowest charges for accessing Daily fantasy sports site(DraftDaily.com and FanLucci.com), who are accepting DFS coins as their payment method.
* DFSCoin is P2P block chain technology. This make it the cheapest payment method for DFS sites, as bypass brokers and other intermediate party,who will remove commission from your exchange.
* Zero risk rate of fraud and charge backs.
* DFS is offering the lowest processing charges on buying DFS Coins.
* DFScoins are offering no risk for their users account.

DFScoin ICO:

On their site, DailyDraft, one can on an extremely fundamental level bring an energy with just 1000 DFS coins in game whose reward pool contain 450000 DFS coins. Despite the course that, for each join each individual receive free 1000 DFS coins in his own particular record.

DFS Coins has an aggregate supply of 210 Million out which 42 Million have beginning at now pre-mined. DFS ICO inclined toward starting late and starting at now the coin is sufficient trading at Coinexchnage.io At exhibit DFS coin is exchanging at 560 satoshi's for each coin and moving in an impacting power as of now.


what you have to do to get coins from airdrop-

1.Download the actual DFSCoin wallet
Windows : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-windows.zip
Linux: https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-linux.tar.gz
2. Go to https://draftdaily.com/ and make a account if you don't have one.
3. After that send a PM to their community mod explosive on Bitcointalk with your DFSCoin wallet address and your DraftDaily.com user name.
4. Enter at least 1 fantasy contest or challenge on DraftDaily.com (Free or Paid)
5. Post a screen shot of your group amid the live occasion via web-based networking media/ social media with a link to DraftDaily.com and DFSCoin and after that post the link in bitcointalk.

For more information:

DFS Coin Website: http://dfscoins.com/
Discord link : https://discord.gg/JSBgmVS
Draftdaily Website :https://draftdaily.com/
Coinexchange.io : https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DFS/BTC
Nova : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_DFS/
GitHub link : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin