Today, a great number of people are willing to sell their insurance policies. You can sell your insurance policy to a third party instead of surrendering it to your insurer at a low esteem. This is usually natural in the life insurance world. Some individual may turn out to be more prepared and realized that they don't need a life insurance policy. Their kids might be well setup financially, for example. For this reason, some individual offers to buy their insurance policy for more than what the insurance company would pay for surrendering the policy, yet not as much as what the final settlement will be.

In 2016 alone, the aggregate market measure for insurance premiums in the 40 OECD reporting countries was estimated to be in the north of $3.86 trillion dollars and Asia is predicted to be the fastest growing market for life insurance with an estimated real annual compounded growth rate of 10.2%.

The tradable insurance market is faced with inefficiencies such as:
- Lack of awareness
- No Recognizable Marketplace
- Dependency on 3rd party 
FidentiaX have realized this problems and they have come to a solution.

FidentiaX is in the developmental phase of creating the world's first marketplace for tradable insurance policies by disrupting the status quo by empowering policyholders to monetise policies on the blockchain.

Now let's know something about FidentiaX:

fidentiaX is building the World's First Marketplace for tradable insurance approaches by leveraging on blockchain technology. fidentiaX is developing the world's first marketplace for tradable life insurance policies. This creative new technique will enable policyholders to offer their calamity security courses of action for a potentially higher cash value than if they by one means or another happened to surrender them back to the flourishing net supplier, while investors can purchase these policies to earn uncorrelated stable investment returns.

FidentiaX services:

The fidentiaX marketplace will put the ball in the the court of policyholder engaging them to adapt approaches on the blockchain. The company in like manner intends to set up fidentiaX Open Source Foundation (FSOF) in an effort to encourage the integration of blockchain technology with the insurance industry. FidentiaX marketplace provides the following services-

Policy Ledger:

Giving a liquidity contrasting option to existing policyholders through a straightforward, reasonable and productive stage which permits tokenization of their present approaches. This services takes out the prerequisite for delegates, by working up a propelled record for policyholders.

Trustless Marketplace:

Building up a trustless marketplace for purchasers investigating tradable approaches as a component of their speculation portfolio by leveraging on blockchain technology and its advantages to give a secured transactional ecosystem. FidentiaX's trustless marketplace gives purchasers and venders a far reaching stage to associate and trade different policies by means of blockchain.


FidentiaX will be issuing 100,000,000 fdX tokens for Crowd Token Contribution (CTC) with rewards program for early contributors based on the following method-

- CTC (Day 1~2) - 1 ETH = 575 fdX (15% bonus)
- CTC (Day 3~5) - 1 ETH = 550 fdX (10% bonus)
- CTC (Day 6~30) 1 ETH = 500 fdX


The FidentiaX Token Sale:

The FidentiaX platform will use three specific sorts of Tokens:
- Crowd Token Contribution (Ethereum Blockchain) - fdX
- Currency Representation Tokens – (eBTC, eETH, eUSD, eEUR, eSGD, eJPY, eKRW, eMYR, etc)
- Platform Unified Tokens – ISX

The fdX tokens are accessible through the crowdsale. There's a whole of 100 million fdX tokens open through the course of action. 1 ETH = 500 fdX all through the strategy, in spite of how prizes are accessible on days 1 through 5. The token sale was announced on October 16.
Here are some important dates you need to know about FidentiaX Token-

October 20: Start of private contribution round (pre-sale)
November 5: End of private contribution round
November 6: Start of public contribution round (crowdsale)
December 5: End of public contribution round
You can participate in the token sale by signing up at

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