New Era Has Began. Prime-Ex Perpetual delivers 80% of profits back to the token holders.

The residential banking model has fallen behind the pace of how people will experience home ownership moving ahead into the future, as land edges continue being opened, as more and more people seek a life abroad, as it winds up detectably more straightforward to live and work outside of native country. Prime-ex recognize this microeconomic change as normal for the greater reality: people en masse are living and working differently than ever before and it's more likely now than at some other point in history that their tomorrow won't generally be the same as their yesterday or their today.

Prime-Ex Perpetual, a Panama-based real estate startup, has opened similar early-stage investment opportunities for investors. The company has announced a special pre-ICO round of its PEX tokens. Alongside, they plan to offer extra bonus tokens to early ICO participants.


Prime-Ex gives a solution for their target market by switching financing terms to a structure that replaces compensation check for exhibited holds and plans the leave method ahead of time as a major aspect of the assention.

As opposed to a derived danger of cases and deserting to ask for that they perform, Prime-Ex gives them every inspiration to perform with a guaranteed buyback program and maximum loss exposure. Prime-Ex adequately removes the hazard that time holds over the borrower's head. Rather than presenting their customer to the stick of a prepayment penalty and execution disappointment,they have supported their client with the carrot of a guaranteed buyback because they have performed as arranged.


Each party works for their own specific enthusiasm,to the drawback of the home buyer.


Prime-Ex forms a strong real estate process from beginning to end.


Crowdsourcing through the PEX token will engage Prime-Ex to achieve its business objectives. Thusly, Prime-Ex will return arrive advantages to you, the token holder, by methods for yearly benefit movements. Their commitment, as depicted later, is to course 80% of their advantages to each and every token holder. They will moreover support buyers to pay contracts using PEX tokens by techniques for contract rate markdown, sufficiently influencing enthusiasm for PEX on a month to month to preface. Blockchain advancement will be in like manner researched to extend adequacy grabs in record systems for upkeeps, checks, endorsements, and execution history making a steady, more clear condition for all inside the Prime-Ex Perpetual land organic framework.


The most important part of Prime-Ex Pre-ICO programme is that It has decided to reward Pre-ICO participants with 40% rather than 15% bonus. PEX tokens may be procured at The incredible riser portion of the PEX rollout will continue going as long as the 750,000 power tokens remain in supply. Pre-ICO will continue from 1 nov to 8 nov and for Ico it’s 15 Nov to 30 nov. Markdown of 20% open just to buys of 3.5+ Bitcoin or 50+ Ethereum, or level with. Choice to the Pre-Sale whitelist is required.


The PEX ICO advancing and publicizing effort bonds a concentrated Bounty Program. Qualified individual will have the ability to win PEX tokens in a combination of courses from web based systems administration offers and retweets to making a translation of their Whitepaper into various vernaculars, to string support and check progression at In like way, customers may submit custom considerations on how they propose to get PEX tokens in a 20% Custom Bounty Bucket alloted for the fight.


Token Distribution:

There will be 30,000,000 (Thirty Million) PEX-Tokens containing the 25,000,000 Public Release Tokens, 4,000,000 Founder Tokens, 750,000 Pre-lCO Bonus Tokens and 250,000 Bounty Tokens. The 30,000,000 PEX tokens made address the astonishing total of PEX tokens that are to be made inside the Prime-Ex Perpetual ecosystem.

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