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Cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to swap fiat money (dollars, euros, etc.) for cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.
These exchanges are bringing innovation that the traditional financial system has not seen for years. Today there are a host of platforms to choose from, but not all exchanges are created equal.

The Cryptocurrency world has encountered such a tremendous and touchy development lately that no current crypto trade is equipped for gulping it. Each new day five to six Cryptocurrency go into the cryptographic money trade/market. Yet, cryptographic money is an extremely gainful stage for the speculator who needs to be effective and get profited into future.Here we can see that One coin is exchanging on one trade, another coin is on another, however there is nobody and single place for all coins.

That is the issue STeX concentrate on at this stage:many coins and tokens experience the insidious effects of one most huge issue – the nonappearance of liquidity. Suppose, you have coin A and a generally engaging chance to offer it with advantage. In like way, in the mean time, you wish to put resources into another promising token or coin B. The central issue - they are exchanged (or have best rates) in various trades, and in the event that you attempt to exchange this thought, you should complete at first exchange, by then exchange your ideal conditions starting with one trade then onto the accompanying - squandering days and (the world is quick these days, recollect?) at long last missing the splendid chance to fund-raise - and on account of market inadequacy.

To deal with this issue STex are giving one single place and stage to trade each present coin.

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STeX Up:

Four Noble Aims:

Smart & Sophisticated Platform
for Everyone:

1. User or Trader:

Regardless of whether you require an immediate coin-to-coin trade or intraday exchanging - they will give broad best rates to a sweeping number of crosses - and favored liquidity over before as a result of present day arbitrage calculations and emerge organize design.

2. Full magnitude of financial services:

Open your own specific asset organization business in just a solitary tick - or pick one to place assets into. Breadth the market for productive merchants and directors with your own specific criteria - or set your own standards to attract monetary experts - in totally secured and foulness guaranteed organize.

3. New Financial Universe:

They will pass on fates and choices to the cryptographic money exchanging. In the event that you are a long way from money related markets - it is a more master and possible methodology for exchanging securities than invigorate exchange, in setting of work being utilized. With prospects you can open a position in a coin - covering only a little measure of it as a store - and still keep 100% of good conditions.



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Use of fund:

1. Technique Development 20%
2. Marketing 30%
3. Operation 40%
4. Reserve 10%

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Token Information:

They arranged their token to such an extent that it could totally support the whole life cycle of their DAO. Such measures have been endeavored in order to guarantee the cost of STE token would constantly 
strengthen and create. In any case, presale money related masters will get 10% of the tokens sold in the midst of ICO. Second, the cost would twofold from the very start of ICO and, after 20% of tokens is dispersed, the cost will twofold once every 5% of tokens is sold. They likewise gave the best approach to profit the most utilizing their association and dissemination program after STeX.Exchange begins working and producing.

ICO countdown:

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Team Members:

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