Cutting Cost, but Costing Lives — Listen up “POTUS”

“President” Trump, 
Over the course of March, you put forth a plan to reduce the budget of the EPA by an astonishing 31%. You have made it adamantly clear that you place no faith in the scientists who consistently remind us, that the effects of climate change are catastrophic. The proposed budget of the EPA in 2016, under President Obama was 8.6 trillion dollars.( This brings the budget down to 5.9 trillion dollars, a staggering loss of over 2.6 trillion dollars.

You’re backed by others who continue to knock the importance of combating this crisis, that lay in wait, for future generations to cope with. You reject how significant, how damaging this can be, on the lives of people. You insist that it is fiction. “President” Trump, I ask you a question, what does that mean to those who are affected? Who’s lives are directly impacted? What does it mean for those, who may not be in the US, that are suffering because of the enormous amount of emissions we put into the environment?

Did you know that we, as country, are one of the highest contributors to climate change and emissions? Did you know that we are some of the least impacted, by it ( ? Of course we wouldn’t see it, because even though we create the problem, the problem isn’t affecting us.

It is affecting places like Colombia, though. Did you know that Colombia, according to some Scientist, is the country that’s 3rd most affected by climate change? ( Did you know that climate change encourages natural disasters and horrendous events, like mudslides and floods: Like the one that recently occurred and left hundreds dead? ( )

Your deliberate ignorance, resulting in climbing mortality rates. Cutting the cost of the EPA on the US budget, is costing lives around the world away. Yet, as of me writing this article, you still remain dead silent on the issue. May I suggest an adequate response: Perhaps take some of the 2.6 trillion you slashed, and offer it to Colombia and other places we’re killing, as free aide. Check those facts, Mr. “President”.

To all who wish to be an aide to Colombia, methods are available here: 
Also, call your reps, tell them to resist this idiocy that denies climate change. We may be saving a dollar, but were costing lives.