Russell Westbrook calls Riley Curry “not that cute” and “actually kind of annoying”

I just had to check out the monkey that had the nerve to actually say something nasty about Steph and his daughter, Riley. Westbrook, you obviously are dumb, ignorant, no class, no common sense and have had no home training. I wonder have you really looked at yourself in the mirror, you are ugly. If you ever have kids, hopefully they won’t look like your ugly As. I couldn’t see your kid or kids looking half as cute as Riley. If you looked up Russell Westbrook in the dictionary, it would read, dumb, uneducated, ugly hood rat from the ghetto. All the money in the world would not change your nothing As., Champ. Kick rocks you possum looking piece of SHIT. Money or no money, You are a LOSER, and will probably be broke and a wash-up in a few years. Westbrook is probably jealous of Steph Curry.

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