A true story on the evolution of love

The boy and the girl (All image rights reserved with the author)

The boy takes her hand
Somehow he cannot let go
A force pulls him in

He wants to have her
Resistance is her answer
Until she falls deep

She wore bright yellow
His eyes, heart and mind noticed
He still remembers

Her hair flowed fully
As the weather cast its spell
He was fixated

He respects her mind
She makes him wait long for her
Time has proved his love

She drinks in his smell
The fragrance of her dream man
He too gets giddy

He sees inside her
Longs to be a better man
For her heart is pure

They were only teens
He still looks at her as though
They were young again

Not one day goes by
Not one single day goes by
Without I love you

Two differing thoughts
Nothing seems to be correct
Till she’s in his arms

She looks at his eyes
Her son is born instantly
That is when she knows

He’s strong but humble
With her his ego is shed
She’s his confidante

His breath on her lips
A kiss like poisonous wine
She is addicted

He is no singer
He sings to her anyway
She smiles at his voice

His heart is of gold
A smile so contagious
She is mesmerized

They play together
Most often over a meal
Her whole body laughs

Her hair soaked with rain
After walking hand in hand
The smell of wet earth

Her whims and wishes
Never to dissolve in vain
He is always there

She dreams of soaring
He will not let her give up
They fly together

The ink on his arm
And the shadows on his face
She cannot resist

It was music first
Over which the bond grew strong
Now it’s everything

She waited for him
He did get down on one knee
A whole life ahead

He is far from her
He knows what she is thinking
Two bodies one soul

Her family is
Her whole life, her blood and more
He is now a part